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got me a boat

Discussion in 'Boats and Motors' started by peon, Jul 31, 2005.

  1. peon

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    bought a 1970, 12 foot chrysler boat on a trailer with 6 hp evinrude and 24# minn kota (sp) cant wait to get er out on the water!!! just need a battery and a reese hitch for my blazer!! ill post pics when i get out with a cam ...
  2. Check out for your hitch, I have a 98 ranger flareside and couldn't find one to fit my truck and they had one. Also was the cheapest place i found. I got mine for 105, and s&h was only 12 dollars, compared to most that want 125-130 plus 25-30 s&h. Only took 2 days to get it also! Also, for the reciever, slide in, go to walmart, they have a reese insert for 19.99, most places charge you 40.00 just for the slide in peice and another 5-8 for the ball, you get both for less than 20 at walmart.


  3. peon

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    thanks for the info.. called my buddy that has a body shop and he had one on a wrecked blazer 20 bucks!!! and my boss has a receiver and ball to fit it !!! and i got another buddy that has a battery for free so i think im set for now ready to hit the water.. maybe this week
  4. can't beat that deal! Good Luck

  5. peon

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