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  1. Drove by one of our ponds this morning on my 3 wheeler and had a dozen or so gills dead floating. They are spawning now due to I see there beds every where. Was wondering why I got some floaties ? ............Thanks.........Rich
  2. Could be an oxygen deficiency... They just had a big fish kill at Silver Creek Metropark too...

  3. I also been seein gills right up against the shore just sittin there.........Rich
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    Litterally the gill's have been dropping like flys this year, seen this in several ponds, allow me to explain. :D

    This spring was fairly cool, with some really warm days thrown into the mix. Fairly long winter to start it all off to boot. Being cold blooded, as the water temperatures rise the fishes metabolism increases as well. Up, down, up, down... So the fish keeps burning it's already low fat supply and it really is in a weakened state, although probably not fatal.

    Fast forward into spawning time, which has been going on for weeks now, and you have unhealthy fish ; fighting, fasting, and mating and it's a good chance you'll loose some of you're more matural gills, if you have a population of them. The reason for this is generally account of bacertial infections/fungal infections. Because as your water temperature increases so does your bacteria count. Even small gills are susceptible to this as well, but I really see it more in the adult fish. I think this year has been particullarly hard on the gills. I've seen bass, crappies, cats, but 95% of the fish have been gills.
  5. Thanks for the replies guys. I had 30 or so floaters but haven't saw any lately..........................Rich
  6. I seen a few at a local pond as well...some nice ones mixed in there to:(
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    I havn't saw any noticable ammounts of dead gills the past few weeks, i'de say most are in the clear. Honestly, with the cicada hatch here in Cinci... I don't think I've saw a single skinny fish :D