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Discussion in 'Waterfowl Hunting' started by TexasPete, Sep 12, 2005.

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    Got a Lohman Hen Mallard call yesterday. It's a single-reed. I've been practicing quite a bit. Took it with me when I went fishing yesterday and got a a couple small flocks to circle and think about it. Anybody have any tips on creating some duck talk and getting them to commit? I think my girlfriend wants to take my shotgun and shoot me...
  2. I have a tape you can borrow if you would like. I told you before when I started calling I taped myself and listened to it to see how it sounded. Many blank tapes and lots of spare time I got better. I always kept the calls in my car and practiced while driving down the road. People look at you funny but who cares. I had someone that thought I was smokin' a crack pipe once until they heard the noise coming out of
    All calls are different and some take different handling to use them correctly. I wish I could find the tape that I learned to call from. It was quite effective. It has been MIA for many years now.
    Just keep practicing.

  3. It is more than just being able to quack like a duck with a call.
    Yes, you will ned to learn to basic quack, Hail, chuckel, chatter, cluck and a rolling growl.( These will come in due time as you are praticeing)
    It is also knowing what to throw and when to throw it at them to get them to land in the sets.
    I like to put them on the water then swat them instead of shooting when the are still airborn.
    It does not tear up the breasts near as much and I just like to be able to put live birds any place in the set that the guy needs to shoot from.
    Dont get me wrong here. I do not sneak up on ducks and shoot them.
    It is not very sporting to do it that way.
    I give every chance for the birds to fly off to another set, by only shooting at the birds I put in the decoy sets.
  4. You want to really piss her off take it with you in the car. It's bad in the house or backyard but it gets really loud in a small car. Man my girlfriend loves it when i cal with her in the carl....

    If you want some good soundbites of what a call should sound like and some tips on what call to use when go here

    Haydels has a decent video on tips for calling mallards, other species, and all species of geese. I got one with the call, DR-85 i think it is. 15$ and sounds great, and very easy to blow.