got a button buck last night

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  1. Well was sittin and he walked into range and took the shot!!!
    To bad I was in my living room!!!! My 3yr old son and I were watching rudolf red nose reindeer last night. I’m so hard up I'm shootin deer on TV. So I grabbed my sons toy bow and shot him and donner. I missed comet and rudolfs mom but I did hit his girl friend clarice. My wife said it’s sad that this is the closest that I’ll get to shootin a deer this year!!!
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    How do you field dress them virtual deer :D

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  3. with some pinking
  4. Scott, you gotta get out of the house & stick something with that bow or you're gonna lose it completely !!!!
    Hang in there, we've got some snow for a few days.
  5. i know..its driving me nutz!!!!!
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    Get ahold of yourself, man!!!!
  7. and I thought I had Issues!!!!! you gotta get out of the house.
    P.S. nice job on the button buck, what station was that on?