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got a!!!!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Carp Discussions' started by mrtwister_jbo, Jun 28, 2004.

  1. don't fish 4 them much but yesterday we had a little cook out at jefferson st lake in richmond ohio .so i knew that they had grass carp in there :) i took my 7' med gander mt rod with a bps reel 8lb test excel line an a few slices of
    wonder bread!!! an threw a few pieces in an sure enough they came so i pinched a piece of bread on a small #6 hook an tossed it out wham a real bruiser took my bread an the fight was on 17mins later i got it the bank a couple of pics an away it went ;) swam away an never looked back!! what a fight it made a good 5 or 6 long runs jumped like a tarpon on the hookset /// the whole lake was watchinglol :D what a fish!!! i'll do that again ,u can bet on that!!!!!!!!!!!!will post pics as soon as i get !!! like me left my dig cam in the car at my bud's house!! go figure :eek:
    O YEA ABOUT THE FISH 35'' long an about 28''around!! any ideas what it would weigh???????????????????
  2. I've caught a few grassies in the 36" range, but I never take girth measurements. At the very minimum, I'd say it weighs 18 lbs and possibly quite a bit more. Surface-fished bread is the way that I catch them.

  3. heres a pic of the biggest i got last year :)
    the one i got yesterday was a lot bigger

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