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  1. Three years ago I had a Crow fly through my backyard faster than I had ever seen a Crow fly. Right after the Crow passed, a Goshawk came through even faster. In a few seconds I heard the Crow calling a few times and then silence. Yep, you guessed it. The Goshawk nailed the Crow about 300 feet from my house and I found what was left of the Crow.

    I was sitting in the family room today watching the birds at the feeder and the squirrels on the ground eating sunflower seeds and shelled corn. Suddenly, the birds flew off and the squirrels hit the yrees and disappeared.
    Just that quick a Goshawk landed in the tree and stuck around for about 5 mikutes then left. Now I know what has been catching the birds now and then and leaving clumps of feathers. Thought it was the neighbors "ex-cat"
    which had been stinking up my patio area but turned out to be the Goshawk
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    Well, after all it is a bird feeder. ;)

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    I am not sure what kind of hawk I witnessed last week trying to catch two adult red squirrels at my house.

    The squirrels were on the ground at the base of a large Oak, the hawk would sit on a limb and then dive on the squirrels. The squirrels would turn to face the hawk and lunge at it, the hawk would retreat back to the limb. This went on numerous times until the hawk finally just flew away.

    This was not a large hawk like a redtail but was larger than a sparrow hawk sized hawk. I guess I need to take some pictures and do a little research. I've seen a minimum of at least 3 different species hanging around for sure

    I have a lot of birds and squirrels on my property and see hawks on a almost daily basis, I'm sure the hawks catch their fair share.
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    We used to have a young red tail hawk perch in a big ash tree off to the side of the bird feeder. More than a few doves pecking on the ground below it turned into hawk feed. Drove my ex crazy to see him sitting up there just waiting...
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    Last spring i saw a great horned owl chasing a red tail. It got me thinking i wonder who would win that fight. Kinda like battle of the titans. They flew out of sight so i'll never know the outcome.
  7. Lundy--More than likely a Sharp or Coopers.

    The Sharp - Shinned and Cooper’s like to play with the squirrels as you described. I have seen it happen many times, in my back yard.
    I’m not sure if either of these little hawks can make a meal of a pissed off squirrel, but they do give it a good try.

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    we see alot of different hawks around our house and around the creek behind our place.there's been a couple of redtail hawks staying along the creek for years now.hawks are cool to watch when they're on the hunt.
    we've also had alot of owls in the area.over the year we've had some that made our barn their home.the kids always enjoyed it when we would shine them at night with a flashlight so they take a look at them.
  9. I have goshawks at my home here in Norton. We see them at the bird feeders all the time.

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  10. Marshall few years ago we had a nesting pair of great horned owls in the woods behind us. Along with numerous skunk and racoon carcasses stinking up the area we found decapitated red tail hawks. It was strange, they lay there for weeks and nothing ate them or disturbed the remains. I asked at the metroparks nature center what would rip the head off a hawk and leave it there without eating it. The first question they asked was about great horned owls in the area. Apparently they are viciously territorial regarding other birds of prey.
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    Very interesting. I thought the owl would win.