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Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by reel, Feb 4, 2009.

  1. Anyone use Google Latitude yet. I signed up but have not activated my mobile unit yet.
    Might be a good way for others to keep track of my (our) boat locations on Erie ? ?
    Not that concerned about the privacy issue.
  2. havnt heard about that one yet? guess I will do a search...

  3. OK just got it working.

    What it does is track anywhere my mobile device goes and plots on iGoogle Maps who I allow to see my location.

    So if I take my mobile with me on Erie, My wife and or friends I select can track my movements.

    It is really nice. No need to pay or anything. To observe just sign up and load imaps.

    Anyone that wants, send me a PM and see if you can find me.
  4. CDL


    To be totally honest, the privacy thing does bother me. I get the benefits, I really do, but just because you click a button saying only Person X can see where you are, doesn't mean it actually works that way.
  5. montagc

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    What makes you think they can't find you now?
  6. Exactly!! Just because you have not signed up for this service does not mean that the ability is not there to track your device.;)

    Just watch CSI and you can learn how they use that technology.:D
  7. vkutsch

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    What makes you special enough that THEY care where you are?;)
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    Don't see why a person who wasn't breaking the law would object. Any one knows that any wireless phones can be listened to and probably are. So you should say anything on there you dont want others to hear.
  9. If it is like the GPS on our cell phones at work, better buy extra batteries. It sucks them dry in 4 hours or less even is you don't use them.