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  1. Thursday night, I hit a pond/lake near my headquarters and got into 14 largemouth in about an hour and a half.

    Saturday afternoon, I fished a pond in Millersburg and found these beauties.

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    Saturday evening, I hit the Old and Tangy with FishThis and had a nice evening with the smallies and rockbass. Quite a few fish in the Tangy, but FishThis has the only picture worth showing. This pic is a smallie from the Tangy from 2 weeks ago. (The boot print in the mud is a size 14)

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    Nice smallie!

    Your first two pictures will not show up

  3. Nice Largemouth Mr. Cheeks!! Good camera phone picture,

    Here's the smallie from Saturday.

  4. :B i have a gun to my head.......if you dont take me there ita on you head.......awsome fish dude......healthy and a biiiiig mouth......killer fish
  5. Nice fish thanks for the pics