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  1. hey guys traphunter and my self went to rock forky yesterday and we had a ball we each caught a few saugeyes and some gills by the dam and and i caught a rod and reel combo lol what a fight and delight lol we got around to sokin some cut bait and livers we each had a lot of bites but no sucess but no luck on the mighty cats but some good runs i know what ur thinkin ur right we couldnt hook em some felt mighty but no luck well thanks trap hunter for coming had a good time lets do it again i recomend more of u meeting up with people from this site to share some tips and spots as we did im always willing to fish with somebody new on some lakes if any of u would like pm me
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    yep we had a great time glad that we could get out, and I hope to do it again next time I get a chance. It was alot of fun and nice meeting you.