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Good sunglasses for Lake Erie ?

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Shake-n-Bake, Jul 10, 2017.

  1. I am looking to get my son a good pair of fishing sunglasses for Lake Erie for his 22nd birthday. Does anyone have any good suggestions from personal experience on quality frame types and lens colors? Money is not an object for this. Thanks.
  2. 1) Gotta be polarized, I notice a huge difference vs. non-polarized. A lot of the other terms are fancy marketing words, but polarized lenses work.
    2) I'd go with a wraparound style, much more protection from rays reflected off the water.
    3)Fit is crucial above any brand names or fads. I went to a few different retail stores and settled on Smith Parallels, they fit me like a glove. On my 4th or 5th pair over 10 years or so. Originally I liked the interchangeable lenses but I only ever use the ones that come with it. Other people may find a different frame fits better.
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  3. ApeShip

    ApeShip Silverback

    I will add wraparounds can also help protect against bugs and objects when at speed and hooks and lures when fishing.
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  4. i really like my shade 3 welding gogles. they fit nicely and won't blow off when you are going fast. if someone says you look stupid,,you punch him, it's not his place to judge.
  5. ress


    The only issue for the wrap around glasses is the "Raccoon" tan you get from the width. It doesn't bother me (58 yrs old) but a 22 yr old it might. I've got two boys in their 20's and they poke fun at me...
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  6. I like Pugz brand. Inexpensive and effective.
  7. KPI


    Costa s and don't look back I had 5 pairs of Oakleys and would trade my costa s for a hundred pairs of oakleys
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  8. I tried several wrap around and none fit well. Tried Wiley X and that was it. Great fit, total block out of side light and dust plus realistic cost.
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  9. Costas with the glass lenses, way better than the plastic lenses
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  10. ApeShip

    ApeShip Silverback

    And if wraparound, make sure there is room for ventilation so they don't fog up.
  11. bobk


    Maui Jims. Top of the line glass.
  12. chrisrf815

    chrisrf815 Get the net!

    Wiley x, they're very good
  13. Maui Jim's I don't leave the dock without them.
    2nd pair in 15 yrs. The first pair after 10 yrs were shot. I contacted Maui about new lens and frame work. They had me send them in . What I got back were brand new glasses They charged me 1/3 the cost of new. They said Thank You for wearing Maui Jim's
  14. I love my Maui Jim's. I have a prescription pair and a non prescription pair. Oakley is a great sunglass option and better than most other options. Maui Jim and Costa are a large step above Oakley. Easily the best money I've spent on fishing.
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  15. Byg


    Maui Jims are nice, got the GF a pair and she loves them
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  16. I have a pair of Wiley's and a pair of generic. Both are prescription. Love em both. One are Dark Grey, the other is amber. I have been wearing the Amber more. They are also generic.
  17. Some of the tinting colors makes a difference. I prefer my brownish yellow tint over my blueish color tint. I can see farther down in the water and better at night.
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  18. FOSR

    FOSR name of Alex

    I've heard that the short-wavelength blue light scatters in mist and dust, and that's why amber is better because they screen that out but keep the longer-wavelength reds.

    Why is the sky blue? Because that part of the sun's spectrum is scattered in the atmosphere, while in red you can see the sun itself as an orb.
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  19. Only thing I hate about polarized glasses is looking at the gps and fish finder screens, such a pain
  20. I,m a serengetti fan myself(but ONLY GLASS LENSES)plastic lens,s scratch,don,t give true uv protection,and are way too much money for PLASTIC.drivers gradient is my favorite lens,glass lens will be between $125-$200 for good ones.
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