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  1. went to chagrin marina yesterday morn, and i was forced to leave as some guy came up and warned me about cops not allowing to fish there anymore and ticketing or even arresting otherwise. i did stop by at a bait shop close by and the owner verified it. this is crazy, last winter i was there ice fishing, now a good spot is off limits. anybody know anything about this?
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    My Uncle keeps his boat in the marina there. All of the boat owners and marina maintainence guys got really sick of cleaning up fishing crap all the time. Line, tackle garbage, etc. gets really old to clean up time and time again. This will continue to happen and we will lose more and more fishing ground as long as there are idiots out there. Pick up your crap people!

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    Unfortunately this is becoming more and more common. I have several friends
    that have had similar run ins in the last year. There are just to many people
    who are saying "screw the next guy". I feel pretty good in saying that the vast majority for guys on this site are not in that group. Reaching the fools
    who are is the problem.
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    When first reading the post, I thought of the situation with the guys out off of Catawba the other day, then reading the posts afterward about the trash.....well, then it made sense. It is a shame though.....same type of thing happened with the Grand River and Berlin spillway, all over trash. I can understand both sides....:(
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    Just to clarify, I wasn't directing my post to anyone in particular. This will seriously end public access to private areas where the fishing is spectacular. I ran into a woman at an eastside trib who has lived across the street for 25 years. She walks the park every Sunday and said in 25 years, its never been this bad. For the past two or three years, she has picked up trash every single Sunday.
  6. Is there any other way to access the ice there than at the marina? Can you walk ice from another location? I thought that the water is public just have to have legal access to it?
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    Just curious.... has there ever been an organized OGF cleanup? I mean, we all get together to go out and fish, what if some of us met up to tend the lakes, pick up trash. Hell, we could even bust out a fundraiser I bet. I am a ways off from you guys, but I know they are starting to get a lot more pressure from the fuzz out on my waters (mogadore, west branch, nimi). Last year not only did I have to dodge tangled line and trash, but I actually had someone throw a bunch of M-80s at me and my brother in law while fishing. We've got to start protecting our territory. Any ideas?
  8. Wellington had two propanes, and a domino pizza box, left on the ice, last night, how hard is it to take your garbage with you, it takes a whole 5 seconds, bethcha someone knows who's it was. Shame on you.:mad:
  9. i cleaned alot of trash saturday at mogador caught 16 gills but that is bad when someone cant clean there own **** up. It screws the next guy thats why i carry a trash bag when i got.
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    There has been several over the years. I've done the Mosquito causeway and Nimi for years and OGF had a Mogodare one too last spring that I couldn't attend.
    I seem to remember the SW guys had one on the LMR or GMR this past spring too.
    I'm sure you'll see a couple posted this spring.
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    Are you talking about thw long hole at Borac's landing ?