Good Read on C&R Pro\'s and Con\'s

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  1. I've been arguing that for years. The data are out there for anybody willing to consider. Nobody should be ostracized for activities that fall within regulation.

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    This about sums it up...

    "We need to tell people that eating bass is not a sin," says Gilliland. "Catch and release is so ingrained in anglers today that we can't even get tournament guys on Konawa to keep fish, even though they know that underharvest is the problem."
  3. i generally will keep about 10 bass a year. which accounts for maybe only 10% of the bass i catch. With all the other great fish in ohio to eat, its hard to eat a lot of bass. Crappie, bluegill,perch, saugeye,rock bass all fare so well on the table, its hard to eat anything else.
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    we don't need several threads on this same article,so this one is done.
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