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  1. i live in Navarre and want to go fishing for big flatheads. Should i go to the ohio river? Or should i go to wills creek , or is it the muskingham river?. I used to go to newell W.V. but it kinda sucked. I dont really want to go to southern ohio either(marietta)
  2. where exactly is Navarre? if You are close to the muskingum,hit it, lots of possibilities for big flathead, I'm almost 2 hr. west on rt 70, but love to fish it, you will catch alot of smaller fish,but my trips have averaged 5-8 lbs, but you never know when the big one will show. you just have to seek the good spots and be patient if you truly want a monster.

  3. its 5 min south of canton. Are there places you can pull off and fish comfortably? What kind of bait can you use? im gonna go down with bluegill, shrimp and chubs. Is that a good bait selection?And can i go down 77 and hit the river?
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    Why not give Tappan a try been a few big cats caught there this year.Might save you a few miles.Plenty of shoreline access too.
  5. Straight down '77, a bit south of 70'. About an hour south. Search history for this forum for some details about very large flatheads that come from this lake. If you have a boat, best spots are in big bays where you can fish from shore but need a boat to get there.