Good Place for Kids' Fishing Party?

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    Hi, I hope I'm not bugging anyone, but my son (almost 7) wants a birthday party that's planned around fishing, and I'm clueless! He got big into fishing this year. I never fished until I had to take him, and I've been lucky to have the help of people we've met at Three Creeks to help him catch some little bluegills. Since those fishermen were very helpful and kind, I figured my posting here might be ok.

    Anyway, I'd like to have the party somewhere not too far from the Pickerington/Reynoldsburg area. I have put the planning off too long, and Sycamore Park's shelter house is booked. It seems that any Metro Parks that allow fishing don't have reservable shelter houses for the party itself.

    I am now considering some of the parks under Columbus's system, like Antrim and Big Walnut, but I figured I would ask for suggestions before calling their reservations department.

    Can people fish anywhere along the creeks, or does it have to be a designated area? Any input appreciated. Thanks!
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    You are in a perfect area. Take my advice, you won't be disapointed. My younger brother would always have 'fishing' birthday parties, and they were a huge success, even with the more city-oriented people who attended (we are from Bexley, so most). The parties would either be at Slate Run or Chesnut Ridge Metroparks. There are TONS of fish to be caught from those ponds, and large ones at that. Bluegill, LARGE and abundant Largemouth, and even channel cats. The younger kids (and I) always had a blast. There are great shelter facilities at both I believe. Do a little research for Chesnut Ridge. Slate run has a humongous shelterhouse up the hill from the pond. Grills too. Both parks are very clean. Fishing is for individuals under 15 years old. Hope this helps!

  3. A place that does not get much recognition and is quiet but a lil jaunt for you would be Dawes Arboretum. I go there alot to relax, I see folks fishing some catching crappie, gills and bass easy access to the whole pond. There is a few shelter houses, but they are away from the pond.
    It sits on Rt. 13 take 70 east to Rt 13 make a left/north towards Newark and it is maybe 3 miles down the road if nothing else it is always a very nice and quiet place to go and your son can fish.