good night of hoover catfishing

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by misfit, Aug 7, 2008.

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    finally got out with my favorite geriatric hovver catfisheman this morning and had some fun.met up with jim horan about 2 a.m. and after doing a little shad shopping,set up shop in the northend.though the fish were more attracted to jim's bait,i did manage to boat a few fish after missing my first hard run:(
    in about 6 hours,the tally for the boat was about 15 channels,including 4 fishohios up to 32 inches,that fell victim to jim's fancy cut shad.
    once again,an enjoyable trip with my crotchety old friend,even though i once again had to endure tall tales and that odiforous pipe tobacco:rolleyes:;)
  2. Sounds like as of late, you are a better cat fisherman than a eye fisherman my friend:p ,sorry couldn't resist that jab as I am sure you would have extended such to me if the situation were reversed being such the jolly old fart you are:p ,at any rate sounds like a good nite hauling ole wiskers out of the pond,especially 4 fish ohio's.Nice job!!!