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Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by viper1, Aug 19, 2008.

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    Seems Asia and China are having big troubles. There numbers of exports are droping. I first figured they were going to say it was because of all the jobs they stole or people not being able to afford it because of all the shops that have closed. But they said because of prices of raw materials and not being able to get workers to work cheaply. They say the younger people are more educated and refuse to work at slave labor wages. They shop around for better pay and benifits. Because of this all kind of shops and factories are going belly up. Who knows maybe the USA will get a break and start suppling items to them. Heard it on the 21 News at 6:00
  2. ezbite

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    we'll probably never see the positive of that in our lifetime.

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    Sounds like us back in the day.
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    I have had several professors in various engineering classes at OSU who have mentioned certain jobs coming back to the U.S. One of my professors actually helped several companies move oversees while he was in industry. Now, supposedly several of those very same companies are working on coming back. I don't think he ever mentioned what kind of industry was coming back... but at least there is something staying in the U.S.