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Good News My Way

Discussion in 'Bucks and Does' started by Richs63Corvair, Oct 8, 2004.

  1. My daughter just got here for the weekend and told me that where I am hunting , that they just cut the corn down and she seen a nice buck out in that field this evening. Just wish I could hunt tomorrow and Sunday but due to my work I don't have off till Monday and again Thursday.......Take care...Rich
  2. Ya, that's definitely good news. Hopefully there isn't to much other cover around and he hangs in your area awhile.

  3. The woods is 150 acres and 3 acres of apples. Owners son got a 160 class from there last year and they tell me theres a bigger one there. She also told me they seen a 7 pointer , meaning there was 7 points on 1 side and the other side was broke off. Now if I could only have the time to hunt like I want to..............Rich
  4. Well I'm heading out there this evening. Mother in laws are good for something after all. To watch her grand kids and oh yeah to spoil them. Things I go through to go hunting.......LOL...........Take care...........Rich
  5. Well just got back and just got done beating my daughter for telling the corn was cut....LOL....J/K....... don't be calling children services on me.......LOL........ They cut the beans. Anyway when I got there the farmer was cutting the back 40 beans so you guessed it , I didn't see anything.................Rich
  6. worminator

    worminator I'll be bach

    Hey Rich, went out to my sister-in-laws Monday evening to work with my choc lab in her woods. Was standing in a clover field watching her work and stepped in a pyle of deer poo and had about four beds all around me. Man they got some highways in there. The dog done good for her first time out. The shots didn't phase her and she found and retrieved the decoy and then dropped it at our feet. I'm glad she knows what she is doing cause I'm no trainer. We were tossing the decoy in the corn and firing right over her head by the end of the evening. I think she's got it. I gotta get in with the farmer out there to get after the deer. It used to be good but (4 years since I hunted it) now it looks prime baby. I bet it's only 15 minutes from yer house.
  7. So Al is that an invite ? Take care.............Rich
  8. worminator

    worminator I'll be bach

    Rich, If I get clearance from the ole man farmer. We're in. He's the guy that got pi$$ed after giving me the ok to hunt and then he saw me dragging that 9 point out of the woods. I guess I could hunt but DO NOT SHOOT. I'll call you when we release the birds out there. I think we're ok to do that but deer hunting is different to him. I'll be sending in the deposit for deer camp 2004 this week. We're already talking about the grub to fix this year. Same group as last year. First two days for sure.
  9. You going to Charles Mill again ? If so I wouldn't mind hooking up with you guys again. I'll chip in some cash and I'll bring dinner for the second night. I can only get off 2 days from work. Let me know whats going on. Also I'll see what I can do to get you to be able to hunt 1 or 2 days bow hunting where I got permission.........Take care.....Rich
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