Good news for Pymatuning

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  1. I live about 1 mile from pyma. The local paper here has printed an article about the walleye lake survey. The report said that they have not seen this many young walleye in the lake since 2000! The stocking of the fingerlings has seemed to pay off. The report said these fish will be 15" long by 2011. Maybe these fish will eradicate the stunted yellow perch plague.
  2. Good news indeed. Things were looking pretty bleak there and steadily getting worse. I heard they stocked like a bazillion fingerlings this year just to see what would happen. Obviously nothing wrong with the adult walleye in pymy...they just couldn't get the fry to make it through their first season. I'm surprised they didn't switch to stocking fingerlings long ago?

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    I went camping there a few times this summer and read a really good article about their stocking program when I was there. They were stocking 1/4" fry with no success for years and now they are putting in 3"-5" fingerlings by the ton. When I saw 1/4" I thought it was a typing wander they didnt survive!
  4. a walleye;s favor food nice young perch.
  5. 1/4" fry are a meal for everything in the food chain of this lake. I long for the days back in the '60's when we never went without a limit of nice 19-22" eyes. We used to return the bigger fish back because there were so many eating size fish, and we didn't want to hurt the breeding stock. Then Al Linder did the lake in when he wrote in his national magazine that Pyma was a "Walleye Factory," and everyone and his brother (including Al's brother) came and decimated the population. It was never the same after that. Same story for the big crappies with the "Crappiethon." The only people who benefited were the bait shops, and then they went down along with the fish populations. Short term gain with a very long term loss.

    Let's hope this latest effort shows some good returns, and not be so quick to advertise our success. The Internet is both a blessing and a curse.
  6. Pymatuning is one of the most underfished inland lakes in the state of OH. Much has been written and debated regarding its health over the years. The lake is nearly 80 yrs old now and I tend to believe the theory that says shallow weedy bodies of water like pymy have a life span. After decades of silt buildup and organic decay the bottom no longer supports the diverse aquaculture it once did. If the walleye do return then I'd love to see this lake return to its heyday of the 1960s -- and I hope to one day trumpet its return on the internet. By the way, I too have been fishing pymy since the 1960s. My dad bought his first fishing boat in 1965 and that's when & where I caught my first walleye.

    p.s. I never saw anyone release a keeper walleye back in the 60s. RiverRat you must've been a trend setter. ;)
  7. Personally, this was my best year on pymatuning. I have never really had a bad year there. This year I made my way out there 3 times and mustered up 3 or 4 fish ohios, and the smallest we caught was 22" with the average size probably being around 26". I had a blast there, I just wish I lived a bit closer. This is good news going forward.
  8. hey....marshal....It seems your one of the FEW people who can acctually catch walleye consistently at pymy now days lol....great job.....and I really do hope the lake gets better because its such a nice lake to go to.....