GOOD NEWS: Beaver Sighting!

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    DETROIT – Wildlife officials are celebrating the sighting of a beaver in the Detroit River for the first time in decades, signaling that efforts to clean up the waterway are paying off.

    The Detroit Free Press reports that a beaver lodge has been discovered in an intake canal at a Detroit Edison riverfront plant. Officials believe the beaver spotted by the utility's motion-sensitive camera marks the animal's return to the river for the first time in at least 75 years.

    Photos and video were taken in November, but Detroit Edison didn't want to release them until they could ensure the animal's safety.

    John Hartig, Detroit River refuge manager for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, says the cleanup along the river has also brought back sturgeons, peregrine falcons and other species.

    source: yahoo
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    First of all, you get my vote for "Thread title of the year, 2009" :D

    Secondly, I noticed this weekend in central Ohio a high number of raccoons dead on the roads. A sure sign that spring is just around the corner!

  3. were talking about big furry rodents? :(.
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  4. Beavers have also been sighted at the mouth of the Cuyahoga near /or on Whiskey Island...(insert your own joke)...We're talking about the tree eating animal!
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    I'll second "title of the year":p

    Good news on the river anyway.
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    I seen one last year in the Sandusky bay, and about a month later, I seen a dead one on the bay bridge. Hopefully not the same one. I've lived in this area for 38+ years, and thats the first ones I've ever seen.
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    Yes!!! I love beavers!!!
  8. Ying6 and i spotted beaver below Delaware Sunday night. First sighting down there in awhile!:)
  9. That is good news. I saw one last fall out at Cowan, swimming right across the lake, had a picture somewhere, but not sure where I put it.
  10. We can only wonder what sort of "welcome" the beavers will receive after they begin to decimate the woodlots and private properties where they have taken up residence along the Detroit River.
    I've had encounters with them first hand in Canada and they can and will make a nuisance of themselves if allowed to.
    Seems since the fur trade industry has taken a downturn nobody traps for them anymore up north........thank PETA yet again.

    And yes.....the thread does invoke "insert joke here" at every turn,,, since most all of us have had run ins with the most common "beaver".
  11. They can obviously have the negative effect at times to a stream but I have been seeing them along the Kokosing River for nearly 15 years and they have really not become a problem. They do indeed cause problems on smaller feeder streams and often times create flooding of some areas. That is why most farmers in the area are generally receptive to beaver trappers.

    They are really neat to see when you are out on the river. On a couple of occasions I have sneaked up on them as they were doing their work along the river. I was in the river and moving downstream and was able to get very close. The one time I had one swim across about 10-15 feet downstream of me checking me out. He got right in front of me and got spooked and down he went with a big SMACK!! It was quite cool.
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    I've seen beaver in the Ohio Canal and Wolf Creek in Barberton. Ohio Power lands in SE Ohio used to be polluted with them. They are pretty common critters around these parts.
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    They seem pretty common everywhere that I fish. They give me the yips when I'm in a tube and I've got one circling and giving me the stink eye, and then it disappears. It makes your vitals shrink up a bit.

    They are going to cause a problem along the Olentangy corridor within the beltway as they are taking down all of the big trees that line the banks. That's okay if the river has somewhere to go, but it doesn't through there.

    I'd like to see some more otter make their way into Ohio. I saw my first while kayaking on the Allegheny last year, and that was a treat.
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    Down here in SW Ohio, EAST side cincy, Ive seen several dead ones on the road near Eastgate mall of all places.........The Eastfork Little Miami River is loaded with them as well.

    Rumor has it that you can see one in Mt Carmel any night as well..........
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    Saw was last year at Alum Creek while Canoe'n. It was a sight to see/hear. He wasn't happy with us being back there... Really Loud smacks.
  16. Can't begin to count how many times I was smacked by a beaver while attending Bowling Green. They were everywhere....blonde ones, redheads, brunettes...'re talking about Marty Stouffer-sorta beavers....I'm sorry...ain't seen none of them around me in a long time.
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    If anyone is traveling along Alum Creek Dr. between Livingston Ave. and Main St...

    Look towards the side where Alum Creek is flowing. Notice what has happend to all of the ornamental trees along the bikepath. Beavers have taken most of them down!