Good Luck To Our Very Own Falbinki

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  1. One of our members Falbinki/Jeff will be leaving for Vermont tommorow to fish in the NAIFC ice tournament. The tournament will be held at Lake Bomoseen Vermont on March 8Th. The lake Jeff will be fishing has been producing up to 16" perch yes you read that rite 16" perch. I had the opportunity to fish with Jeff this winter on Mosquito. This man is a top notch angler and teacher. You can follow the standings at
    Best of luck to Jeff and his partner Mark from Buffalo.

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    hardwaterfan Twinsburg, OH (NE OH, northern edge of Summit Co.)


  3. dave and hardwater- thanks for the luck. as you already know mark and i did manage a 6th place finish in the tourney. which locks up a spot for us in the north american ice fishing championship this december in reinlander, wisconsin. we were only topped by the 4 ice men teams which also are all members of the u.s.a. ice team which fishes all over the globe and one local team. the event was great, some of the biggest weights i have ever seen caught in one of these qualifiers as long as i have been fishing them. any one that is interersted in these tournements can find out more at "". they are alot of fun to fish and a good excuse to go to another state to do some ice fishing, or if any one has any questions feel free to send me a pm. thanks again dave. sorry i took so long to reply but i hav'nt been in the ice fishing section since we got back. talk to you soon. can't wait to hit skeeter with you again dave. maybe i will bring the boat up there soon for some spring time slabs if you get time.
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  4. Congrats on the big time finish! Sounds like you had a blast!
  5. That would be to cool, traveling the US fishing in ice tourneys. Good job.
  6. chopiq- it is a riot fishing these tourneys. you should look into getting a partner and fishing 1 or 2 of them next year. they do not have the schedule set yet for this coming year, but there is usually a qualifier in southern michigan which is not that far of a trip for most of us. You are fishing against the best ice fishing teams in the country but belive me you can win any one of these qualifiers with some hard work prefishing and a little bit of luck. we won one in new york 3 years ago and belive me we are far from ice fishing pro's. just 2 guys that love ice fishing. thanks for the congrats bucket mouth.
  7. the man!
  8. thanks BLT. maybe next year you and frenzy can team up and we will get a place on the lake together and fish the michigan qualifier.
  9. I'm looking for a partner for the 2010 season, i've fished on the naifc trail for couple of years and qualified for the championship. if interested P.M. me