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Good Luck Guys

Discussion in 'Small Game Hunting' started by Richs63Corvair, Aug 31, 2004.

  1. Tomorrow is the first day of tree rat season. Good luck and be safe.......Rich
  2. You guys have fun, i have gotten roped into helping a friend move all his belongings due to incompatibility. I told him to stick it out another day or two to be sure, but he wouldn't. So today im a mover not a hunter. Maybe tomorrow.

  3. Hey Huntinbull, Backlash and I were wondering where you were this morning. We hunted from 7:30 till 12. Seen 2 chimpmunks , 2 piles of deer poo and 1 squirrel. My 4 year old son is the one that pointed the squirrel to me. It busted me and ran off. Oh well theres Saturday if anyone wants to join me...............Rich...........B.T.W. I did find some camo netting and a pair of Simmons 10x50 binoculars today. Nice meeting you today Jim and we'll do it again whenever you want................Rich
  4. Rich,
    Hope to have some work out of the way by Saturday. Had a buddy drop off an s-10 with a fervent request i have the MOTOR n TRANS changed by this weekend! So no Squirrel huntin for this wrench monkey til the s-10 runneth. Got it nearly pulled today so should be good by Friday or saturday if i can keep at it. Sorry you guys didnt git em going this morning. Always next time out.
  5. Rich,
    Saturday morning is a go for sure. Hope to see you there. Don't think i will be bringing the dog as i will be stopping on the way home to skirt a trailer.
  6. Where are you guys heading this weekend?

    I got bored yesterday with a lack of doves flying at Wellington, so walked into the woods. I spotted a fox squirrel within 15 minutes and blew his nose clean off. I heard him moving on the ground and actually got too close to him (10 yards away and 10 yards below him), so just aimed in front of his head. I kind of felt bad, as he was just looking at me with a "where'd you come from?" look.
  7. Shreve lake as far as i know. Richs63corvair was going to be there hunting and i am going to try tog et there too. Rich if you read this will you be using shotgun or 22?
  8. flathunter

    flathunter Mellons mentor

    I will be out after squirell in the morning and will post my results.
  9. Hey Bull I can't make it tomorrow due to I have 2 porches I HAVE TO paint tomorrow. I can hook up with you Sunday evening around 3 if you have no plans. I just got done painting the interior of this 4 bedroom 2 bath and I need to finish the porches tomorrow due to they have a couple looking at it on Monday morning at 9. Sorry for the inconvience.......................Rich
  10. fishingful

    fishingful Time to fish!

    i may hit west branch sun if you are aloud to hunt their on sun lake erie perching for me sat morning out of fairport.........jim
  11. traphunter

    traphunter Guest

    2 sat. 1 today. Didnt see very many. Need to find some private land to hunt. Im about sick of this overhunted public land.