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  1. This week I took my good friend to my favorite spot. I got him premision from the land owner and we went hunting the next day. Being the good friend I am I set him in my tree I usually hunt. He sat there all morning had 3 nice basket rak 8ts by him 15 does 1 spike and a little 4 point. He never shot anything, but what a experiece he had.By the way he only bow hunted 3 times in his life. Thats whats hunting is all about do you all agree?
  2. I agree 100%. This is my 3rd year of "training". My husband has been very kind in training me and being patient with me and giving me the experiences of a life time. I have yet to get a deeer but last year I spotted one and because I was nervous and could not get a clear shot I nudged him and he was able to take the deer down. He showed me all about tracking the blood trail and what a wonderful experience we had. My son was there as well. That was his 1st yr hunting. He too has never got a deer but with the great leader we have I am confident him and I will get our turn soon. :)

    For xmas my son got a real nice bow and he is anxious to sight it in and get out there. My son leaves in July for under water welding academy and so I will treasure every moment I get to spend with him..out there in the woods, side by side waiting for that big buck to come along.

    How nice of you to give your firned your stand and to give him the fun that you did.

  3. Friends are the biggest part of my hunting experiences. Growing up, I never had a buddy to go hunting with. My hunting trips consisted of me, my father, and all his buddies. Man, were those the days! I remember just sitting on the tail gate of the truck and listening to them talk about their childhood and all their hunting experiences together.

    When I went to college, I met a guy who loved hunting just as much as I do. This is the fourth year we have been hunting together and have already made many memories I will one day share with my children. Our families both own property, so we spend the weekends hunting on each others property. My second year hunting with him, I shot a Doe on his property and last year I returned the favor when he shot a Doe on my property.
  4. That is what hunting is...spending time with friends & family in the outdoors,

    Some of the best hunts I remember are hunts we came back empty handed...I remember one hunt my son was 10 we got into the woods it was like 60 at 7:00 am at 9:00 it started raining we were soaked, temp started dropping 10:30 freezing rain, noon snow.....we froze but to see the weather change before our eyes was incredible seeing strom systems move in, we saw a few deer, watch the racoons, we talked a7 laughted all morning, another was my son & daughter wentout with me he was 12 daughter 8 a nice buck moved in about 20-25 yards, I stood up started to draw and she yelled run away deer run away, what can ya do, we laughted so hard, I still tell her to this day she owes me a nice buck...a nice buck would have been nice, but having that memory and something to laught at years later is nicer.

    once we lose the connection between hunting & family we've lost the true meaning of hunting
  5. Great Story FishinDawg! I still remember my first bow hunt with my dad. I look forward to the day when i can share the outdoors with my children.