Good fishing weekend!!!

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    Buttonwood (Maumee)
    1st trip to this side of the river this year. Took a while to get used to fishing backwards (other side of the river) Fished with a buddy and we had a good time
    10 keeper Walleye 11 junior throwbacks, 11 white bass 5 trash fish

    Took my son to the trout fishin' derby in Findlay. He did Dad proud had his limit of 5 in 40 minutes. Youngest son (3) was upset because he did't get to go So we went tyo Wally World to buy him his first pole.

    youngest got his first fish 7in lg mouth+ two trout, other son (6) got his 5 trout. Cooked fish for Mom for mothers day. Mom was even let me slip away in the evening for a little walleye.
    Hit buttonwood, form 5:30-10:00pm caught 2 22" keepers, 4 undersized and one snagged (released) 6 white bass and 1 trash fish.

    Overall a great weekend

    Here's some pic's.... still not smart enough to figure out how to post pictures
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    Good for you guys !!! Looks and sounds like one special weekend...and we are just starting the season...........THE CATKING !!! :)

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    Fishin' Coach Wall I ETR

    Finally figured it out here's the pic's...

    Ty' 1st fish

    Logan's trout limit