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  1. This weekend we ate up a mess of 7-10 inch rock bass that I caught with my gf a few weeks back bobber fishing. Wasnt too sure how an all rock bass dinner would be, but figured we would give it a try. cooked them in vegetable oil, and fried them in a dry batter. We were both very impressed with the taste and texture of the fish. It really didnt taste any different than panfish, which is my gf\'s favorite fish to eat. In the end we ended up stuffing our selves on 16 fish, and still had enough left overs for lunch the next day.

    Now Im wondering what other fish are good to eat that people usually dont eat. Carp? mudcats? sucker fish?

    any body have an stories about experimenting?
  2. Lewzer

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    I think largemouth bass and oscars are excellent table fare. People usually do not eat those.

  3. i can second the LM bass. I have permission to fish a private pond were the owners will let me take a few dink LM\'s each year.
  4. White perch are decent. Most Erie regulars toss them back, but you can actualy buy them at the grocery seafood counter. I woulden't be suprised tis they are what you get when you order perch or Lake perch at a resturant......if the menu doesn't say yellow perch I wouldn't asume you are getting yellow perch.
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    Carp are good but boney. Cut out the red vein. It is very fishy. People refer to this as a mud vein. White sucker out of clean waterways are delicious. Tender, white, flakey. Native Americans loved to eat them apparently.
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    smallmouth bass, especially when you've only been eating freeze dried food for days.
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    I ate smoked carp one time. They had it at a camp I went to. I figure it was worth trying "once" to see how nasty it was. It tasted a lot like smoked ham. And it wasn't all that bad. But I am not sure if I would want it again though lol
  8. my dude just had a cook out this weekend at Indian Lake. He\'s a carp fishermen and swears by the fish, and how good it is on the grill. Ive yet to sample it.

    Smallies are REALLY GOOD. Im due for one or two before the end of the year.
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    A smallmouth bass, about 8"-10", preferably out of a small stream, is as good as it gets. You'll need several to have enough to fry up a mess.
  10. drum are about as good or better than erie walleye IMO(i think the eyes out of rivers are much better, i wont eat erie fish anymore) i gave up on filleting the whole thing just take out the strip of meat on the back. white and flaky with a good flavor, not quite as tough as channel cats. i cant believe all these people that hate drum on erie when they fight better and taste as good. also white suckers, but they have to be out of clean water. I still think bluegill are the best eating fish around here besides perch
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    I only had a smallie once from Lake Erie that swallowed the hook and would have died anyways. I didn't like it at all.
    Must be that "Lake Erie taste";) .
  12. I've tried white suckers before. Very tasty.
  13. I know taking small mouths is a hot topic on here, so Im trying to tread lightly.

    Generally the best tasting small mouths Ive ate have been between the 11-13 inch range. Anything larger than that has a gamey or muscle taste to the fish. Though with small mouths it\'s probably best to leave the larger sm\'s for breeding. Yet taking all the small ones out could have a drastic effect, especially if you are catching them from streams/rivers, which is a delicate system to start. I feel like there\'s better fish to eat than smallies, so I generally wont take any
  14. Man did that bring back some memories. ;)
    Took my wife & son on a 5 day canoe trip to the boundary waters (N Minn). Lived on freeze dried foods and tang for 4 days while Dad the great white hunter couldn't catch a single walleye or panfish. Day 5 I finally caught a fish (nice 3# smallie) and we ate it like starving savages. Never thought a fish could taste that good. :D
  15. seethe303

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    heh, my experience was also in the boundary waters. I also ate pike up there, which was very tasty.
  16. on a fishing trip we got a 32\" muskie, and I cleaned it up. The flesh was close to a purple pink, and we got scared to eat it. I hope I get another chance to eat a ski\' or pike in my life. As I feel that \'once in a lifetime\' chance has came and went.
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    My kid and I ate freeze dried for 9 days in the Boundary Waters a couple of summers ago. I don't know why we didn't eat any pike - we caught a ton of them. The walleyes and smallies sure weren't cooperating though.
  18. Carpn


    Gar is good. Its has a boneless meat that is as white and mild as anything else out there. The bigger ones have a little bit more texture, kinda in between fish and chicken, but it tastes great.[​IMG]
  19. that\'s exactly what gator taste like. Between chicken and fish. I wonder if thats why they call them gator gars??? lol
  20. Seaturd, I still like pike better than walleye. You must learn to bonelessly filet the toothy critters. I can easily show you my pike filet technique for when we do Canada next year or call me when you yank a surprise pike out of Mosquito or Erie.

    Wonder what emerald shiners taste like?