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  1. I'm new to keeping and eating fish (grew up in a catch and realease family) and now that I'm fishing on lake erie once in awhile we are starting to keep the walleye. I foudn out after filleting our first batch today that we reallt need to invest in a good quality fillet knife that will keep its edge. What brand/type does everyone recommend and where does everyone get them at?

    Thanks for the help guys.
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    you have to keep and edge on a good filet doesn't just stay there. you may want to invest in a ellectric filet knife. I perfer a rapala filet knife though. i keep it very very sharp.

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    rapala or gerber, are good . but as stated you have to keep the blade fresh. american angler electric at walmart for $ also good and you don't have to sharpen them.
  4. Warther's Museum in Dover, Oh is not only a "must see", but their filet knives are by far the best I've ever used. Also have free lifetime sharpening, but I've only had to have 1 sharpened in YEARS! I own all 3 sizes & use them for fresh & saltwater fish & also trimming meat. I sent 1 to a friend in Georgia & he also swears by his.
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    fugarwi7 Lumberjack a search on here...there have been several discussions about fillet knives (electric and manual) and just about every model, source, and price range has been shared.
  6. For a large amount of fish go ' ELECTRIC' But to have a handy fillet knife go ' C U T C O ' I've had alot of different ones over the years & the CUTCO which expands is by far the one, I am MOST pleased with. A bit $$ but go look on E-Bay (Sportsman Knife') got mine for $ 55.00. Lifetime everything & sharpening.

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    I also like my Rapala electric.
  8. I did do a search, I was just waning to know what everyones latest opinons were and if they were still happy with they're purchases. It sounds like a nice electric would work well for doing all the walleyes we'll be doing now and for other large types of fish. Thanks for everyones opinons.
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    The $9 set from Sam's club that Hetfield suggested is as good a set as I've ever had. Never had a Rapala knife that would hold an edge.
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    Bought a knife from there about 10 years ago and it has never been sharpened. We use it as a multi-purpose knife to pretty much cut everything.... even though I do not keep fish, it handles a lot of chicken and beef. 10 years and will still make perfect cuts on tomatoes.
  11. I couldn't agree more. Everyone that cleans fish at my place stops at Sam's on the way home and picks up a set or two. I have a shoe box full of 'top end' fillets knives, and I grab the $9 Sam's club knives every time.
  12. just got a rapala electric fillet knife for my b-day. Night and day from using a standard knife. If you havent used one, you dont know what you are missing. You will "cut" (couldnt help it) you time in half.
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    I still like the Normark Rapala knives. I like the medium sized one. They may not hold an edge as well as the more expensive ones but they are easier to put an edge back on. A few swipes down the diamond sharpener is all it takes. I also have an older Am. Angler electric that has served me well. If you are fishing Erie take your walleye in to a fish cleaning house and pay to have them done. If you go when they aren't busy they may even let you watch and give you advice on a knife. Good luck.;)
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    i have an old buck filet knife with a red rubber handle. its the best all around cutting knife i ever owned. i use it for cutting up deer, small game. but for walleye you cant beat a rapala electric.
  15. Rapala electric or almost any other brand are great once you get the feel for it.own a rapala,great knife but have also owned wal-mart brands and lasted 6-7 years cleaning lots of fish.
  16. I agree with the CUTCO reccomendation. They are pricy, but can be had reasonably via ebay if you have some patients to wait for the right auction.
    They seem to keep an edge, and it's nice to have the longer blade when needed without getting out a seccond knife.