Good deal? (Abu reels, Eagle Claw 10ft rods)

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  1. Hello all....Last week I posted about a new rod and reel from bass pro shops to buy with my giftcards and asked your opinions on which cat outfit was the best. I now ran across a deal from a co-worker who is going to sell me two abu reels with two 10ft eagle claw rods. Never used the rods before and the reels are 6000's. One looks a little used and he said the other one has caught one fish and is a tournament edition, looks brand new and says both of them are in great working condition. What should an offer be on these? Any help greatly appreciated as always.
  2. He said he would sell them for 85 bucks for both of them.....I would like to hear from the cat fisherman if this is an ok price.....don't want to get ripped off. Thank you again for any info.

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    You could figure your getting the 6000 for about $30 a piece or so and the rods for $12.50 each, so it sounds like a good deal. Personally.... I'd see if he wold sell you the reels w/ out the rods, but that's just me.
  4. good advice Bryan, If It were me I would also see if he will just sell you the reels and then just buy different rods, but I dont use rods any longer than 7ft in length, The rods would be worth the money if they are Grangers though, I have two 7fters and they are good rods...
  5. eagle claw makes a half-way decent cat/surf rod, for 12.50 they are well worth it. i'd say you are getting a great deal!
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    Also depends on what kind of fishing your going to be doing. If your going to be bank fishing where you need to cast far, sounds like you should jump on the dea, rods included. If your fishing from a boat or somewhere that you dont need the long rods, then I say go for the reels only. (Or.... buy everything and sell the rods. It shouldnt be hard to get $25-30 out of the rods.)
  7. Thank you to those that replied....I will be using them from the bank so the rods will work. I hope to do some fishing in the River this year from a boat and I do have some shorter rods for this. Again, thank you for the advice! Greatly appreciated.