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good day on the ice

Discussion in 'Hard Water Discussions' started by greg3891, Feb 11, 2005.

  1. Fished with sliderville at mudd lake today, and we killed them. It was cold as heck out there but we did well, Charm caught a nice 3lb bass and I got a nice 10 inch crappie, plus we both caught a ton of gills, It was a C&R day for all those lucky fish. Next time they wont be so lucky. If it wasnt for Charm bringing the shanty anchors we would have been wind surfing, thanks again
    buddy, Good luck to all this weekend, have to take the kids swimming at great bear lodge, dont they know this is ice fishing season. LOL :D
  2. EJH


    Glad you did well. What was the ice like? What changed your mind about going to Long?

  3. He Did Go To Long In The Morning. I Went Over At 12.30 And He Said He Only Got A Few Dinks. Told Him I Was Going To Mudd So He Followed.the Ice Is A Good 5'' Of Clear And About An Inch Of The White. It Was Making Ice At About 5.30. Two Went Right Under Our Butts. Lol. There Were Some Soft Spots As Of Wed. Hopefully This Cold Tightened It Up.long Still Has A Good 4 Or 5. Hope This Helps. It's Ok Greg, I'll Finish Your Report. Lol.
  4. Not A Good Day At Mudd Today Greg. Could Hardly Buy A Dink.going To Long Sat. Tim Says They Were Getting A Few Crappie.