Good day on scioto

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by keep em all, May 21, 2008.

  1. hit theese on a number 2 mepps and a bobber

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  2. awesome fish!!! did you keep them??

    on second thought.......

    better not say anything, everyone will gang up on you and tell you how horrible it is to eat scito fish!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Marauders

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    Never really fishing the scioto. Where are some good spots?
  4. seethe303

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    this thread will end well.

    mind introducing yourself, keep em all? I don't want to jump to conclusions but your screen name coupled with your very first post make me think you are a troll. please prove me wrong!
  5. littleking

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    number 2 mepps and a bobber... LOL
  6. crittergitter

    crittergitter Multi Species Angler

    Insert photo of Florida bass from 1978..............."BRILLIANT!!!"


  7. lol,
    If only one could really catch bass like that from the scioto....

    Someones trying to stir up some trouble, I can see his account getting banned shortly.
  8. Mushijobah

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    I like the account name. It would be funny to see whos IP address on here matches it.
  9. I recognized those as Florida strain looking bass right away, plus, lets face it, a stringer like that has never been taken on Ohio's public rivers since mankind was smart enough to catch fish...:p
  10. i promise you all of theese fish were caught, mabey not with a mepps..the picture is not from 1978, its from 2003..however they are florida was mainly in response to all the scioto eat no eat controversy, everyone should laugh cause its very funny. btw..i would have no problem eating any fish out of the scioto if i caught them south of columbus, mabey not to many to often, but i would eat some without fear of turning green.. did have a pretty decent day on buckeye lake sunday, it was windy but we got some very nice eyes, and some big crappie trolling rubber
  11. This was hilarious. But you know someone was checking their gear for a number 2 mepps and their favorite slip bobber.
  12. btw stringer weight was 58lbs, everyone caught on a 12 inch rubber the babcock webb wildlife area north of fort myers..after fishing there for about 3 years i completely quit fishing for largemouth in ohio.
  13. FINN

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    dude south of columbus is where they dump the recommend eating em in griggs, oshay, or northern
  14. While I doubt anyone who has any knowledge of wherer Ohio is would have believed you for even a second, why would anyone ever believe you again. You only get one chance to make a first impression.
  15. seethe303

    seethe303 Senior Executive Member

    not if you create multiple user names! haha...
  16. Hey "Keep em all" What kind of fishing pole did you use to catch these bass?? Did you use the NEW rocket launcher fishing pole?
  17. If the Columbus water is too polluted to eat them from, where do you think that water flows?
  18. I fished babcock for years.Its ok,But nothing like the kissimee chain or the lakes park in south florida.Those are average for there,but not many real big ones in there.Many bass over 10 lbs in the lakes park.I fish in cali where my guide had a 5 fish limit that was 55.7 lbs.Awesome guide.Now thats a limit of fish for 5. I can only dream of a limit like that.Even in so cal.

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