good day on a local pond

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  1. went "ice-panfishing" at a local pond today for the first time in 5-6 years. fish were on and off all day, they came through in waves, caught a ton of tiny gills but did manage to get a few nice crappies and 'gills that i later gave to an old man out there who got skunked. tried one last spot before i left and happened upon a huge school of largemouth that were gathered around a big sunken tree. got a pic of the first one with my cell phone (cam batteries went dead, and after first bass camera phone went dead:mad: ) and then got 14 others that were the same size or smaller in about 20 minutes. decided to leave when i seen other folks coming to the pond and filled in the holes with snow and ice before they seen "the honey hole"....i WILL be back tomorrow!:) fish were all caught on tiny glow "rat-fink's" and waxies. botton pic is of the gills and crappies just off bottom on the sonar. [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    sweet.... nice mess o fish

    sounds like the people on ponds did the best today.