Good Day of Smallie Fishing - Local Flow 8/31/2008

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by danjaquino, Aug 31, 2008.

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    Hooked up with StriperFreak for a nice day of fishing this morning. We both were on the water at 6:20 this morning and the action started quick. I hooked up with two 16 inch smallies with a buzzbait and StriperFreak racked up two with his shallow diving crankbait. The competition was on!!! We caught several nice smallies around 12" and some slightly bigger. Once we were tied 4/4, Striperfreak put the senko on and killed me catching around 8 or so in some rapids. He went on to catch more as we went down the river with the senko and then my buzzbait started rippin' lips. I ended up with 15 and StriperFreak ended up with 25, so it was a great day on the local flow. StriperFreak is a great guy and a great fisherman. I had a blast today!! My thumb is tore up, so that's always a good sign. Hey Striperfreak, if you get a chance, post those pictures in the forum!! I caught all mine on buzzbait, Striperfreak was using shallow crank and caught most of his on senko in rapids. At one point it was every other cast for Striperfreak. I"ll post pictures as soon as possible. My flash is broken on my camera so hopefully you can see the pictures. Water is getting cooler and fish seem to be striking more, water level was not bad where we were fishing, slightly stained.:) Pictures will follow.

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    Nice fish! Sounds like you guys had a great time. I was in the same area a few weeks ago with very little luck. Looks like things are turning around in that area.
    Striperfreak definitely knows where the fish :B are and is a heck of a nice guy.
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    I would imagine that he is telling us that he fished a river in central Ohio. That's some very useful information. Did you want him to draw you a map?

    Nice job Dan and Striper! That's some great smallie action.

  4. ut oh dont get the location police on you!!!! its sad that this day in age of interwebs people wont even share the river they fished. we dont need an exact map, but saying a local flow is pretty crazy. Saying the big walnut, darby, scioto, tangy isnt exactly giving away your precious honey holes

    on a brighter note, nice fish! thats a heck of a day out on the flow.
  5. this is true, very true......but on the flip side, i know we all have that buddy when you find that good hole next thing you know he's standing right on top of you....:p
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    I used to post the location of where I fish, but many others are taking the approach of not giving out specific locations or even names of rivers. So, basically I just adopted what everyone else was doing. I don't have a problem with giving out the location of where I fish, but I'm basically just going with the flow of the website. Some post the location and some don't, but I've seen an increase in those who are not posting. Sorry if this is not cool, but thought it was the norm. Good luck to all, I hope to get out this weekend and tear it up!!
  7. i can see not giving the specific location (like the park name of entry, or the roads nearest intersection). but I see no harm in giving the river name. Each to its own, that still is a KILLER DAY on any flow.
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    i'm not sure what this "flow" is:confused:
    i haven't seen it myself.what i've seen is a varying of approaches in how/what people's a personal choice as to what info one wants to give,and that's what the "flow of the website" is about.
    there is not less posting because it's "cool" not to give certain info.some people go overboard with their positions(either direction)which causes others to be less willing to have people who are adamant about not posting spots,areas,streams,etc,and chastise those who do post that info.then you have the c&r vs c&k debate that gets taken to extreme by people on both sides.then you have the few who post certain things just to keep those fires burning.all this is what has caused people to shy away from posting.
    the intent of this site is for all fishers to learn and teach,and to share with others in the way you wish,while respecting other people's rights to their views.
    if you wish to post certain info,then do it.if you don't want to,then don't.but whichever you do,base it on your own beliefs,and not on what you assume is "cool" just because certain other people do it.
    this site is about much more than just a place to come and read a "report" that basically says no more than "i went fishing in a stream today',because you don't want to share,or you fear the attacks that come from a few who feel their way is the only way.
  9. if there is any more mentions of the word FLOW i think this thread might turn into a giant maxi-pad
  10. Too late....I recognize that

    **just joking** ;)
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    Interesting read, i thought we were on fishing. Ill stop there on that to say FINALLY i got witness to a good day on a local river,lol, Its nice to fish with someone who is excited about catching smallmouth as i am. It seems most times i get someone out there with me the fishing is slow which doesnt happen very often on our local rivers, i only fish the scioto and olentangy and both are loaded with smallmouth. I must say ive been posting about the olentangy and the pressure on this section of river is heavy this year so i am reluctant to even give a general area of where i fish. Maybe it has nothing to do with any previous posts, maybe it does. I have seen where hundreds of people are viewing these posts and realize maybe i should be more general in location. Anyways, danquino ill post pics when i get back tonight from fishing our local FLOW.
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    It's definitely a personal choice and I will always contribute to this webiste with updates, reports and praise to other anglers. It's nice to be able to gain valuable information from this website and also give back information to other anglers. I'm not going to get involved in any politics here, I just want post reports, read reports and meet other anglers who have the passion that I do for fishing. This website is awesome and I look forward to reporting, reading reports and meeting other fellow anglers from the forums. good luck to all and have a great week!!!