Good Day at the GMR..

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  1. Hit the GMR earlier today before the storms came through and was catching alot of small mouth and channels about 6 small mouth missed like 8 or 9 i was flipping a tube and there was alot of current so kinda hard to feel the bites but me and my buddy caught prolly 8 or 9 catfish most of them little under a pound but still fun to catch and 3 that were a little bigger with the biggest about 5lbs. caught with night crawlers. I also caught my PB smallie today not sure how much it weighed or how long it was. All in all a good day on the river.....:) [​IMG]
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    Wonderful fish, congrats on your new PB!

    It may just be the camera angle, but the mouth looks a little phosphorous deformed. I forget the technical jargon, however, it doesn't appear to hinder her ability to eat!

    Whadda ya say folks?...18 -19 inches?...2 3/4 - 3 pouinds?

    Regardless, great picture. Thanks for sharing.

  3. That is a different looking small mouth. Heck of a nice catch. Tubes in the current, huh? That's interesting.
  4. Awsome catch for sure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Very nice! Looks to be at least 18-19 in.
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    I agree...nice fish...pushing 18".

    not sure what is so interesting about tubes in current Sounds like a smart tactic to me, use it all the time :)
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    Another sweet gmr smallie! Nice! TC1
  8. I don't know why I haven't ever thought of a tube as a fast water lure. I use leadheads with twisters all the time, so why not a tube? I've never used them much anywhere, come to think of it. They sit in the tackle box until they're all stuck together. I've been reading about the successes with tubes lately, so I'll be experimenting some more.

    I am hereby educated :)
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    Very nice smallmouth, I would be thrilled to catch that.
  11. That's a great pic as well. Congrats bro.
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    Good job thats a nice catch
  13. Great looking smallie bud... Tubes are my absolute favorite for smallies in any kind of water.
  14. What do tubes look like im sort of a begginer on small mouth, and what colors work good.
  15. they look like a little octopus and i do fairly well with green pumpkin and white
  16. Hit the River this morning for about 4 hours, just north of Middletown where Twin Creek merges into the river.

    Had NO Luck at all with tubes. Just can't seem to get them to work. Tried 5 different colors, PUMPKINSEED, BLACK/NEON/RED FLAKE, WATERMELON/RED FLAKE, PUKE, & PURPLE CRAW.

    I did Tear it Up with a Rebel Wee Crayfish crankbait. had about 20 smallies, smallest being about 8" to the largest being about 15". Only activity was right as the 2 water ways merged.

    This is my 3rd time out trying to use tubes and have yet to have any luck with them. Is there Any tricks or tips to using tubes???
  17. What style and color jigs are working well now?