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Since the Ohio River is too high & muddy for catfishing I went fishing with my youngest grandson. We were after some bluegills and small lm bass at a local pond.

The water was a little colored but the fish were active. We use meal & wax worms for our bait. My grandson put me to shame; his total was 50 fish to my 13. We hooked a total of 13 small size bass longest was 10 inches.

I did hook into the big fish of the day, a grass carp that hit a meal worm. I did not expect it to hit, so just tried to wear it out since I only had 6 pound test line. I just get it close to the bank and off it would run. I thought it was worn down as I pull the rod toward the bank; it then just took off and snapped the line. My bobber was still held in place with the slip knot so we could watch the carp swim all over the pond.

Turned out to be a very enjoyable time for the both of us. Tight lines to all.
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