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  1. I live in Harrison and was wanting to know if there are any good creeks to fish. Also, what are some good baits to use in the creeks. Once again, I appreciate the information.
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    some of the best fishing i had was in small creeks that nobody ever fished.

    find one and try it out.

    if ya don't mind small fish.

    ya might catch 12" creeck chubs.

    I also noticed if ya find one off of a river you might find a pocket of bigger bass close to river.

  3. We have had some good days (several years ago) in the north end of Miami Whitewater Forest - I think it's the Dry Fork River/Creek.
    Nothing out of this world, but lots of smaller cats and some decent Bass. It has been a while but we would usually use plastics (tubes, worms) or small spinners for the bass and night crawlers for the cats.
    Like Sleprock said, find a promissing spot on any creek/river and start fishing - don't be afraid to get a little wet and dirty while exploring. I am sure that's how some of the best spots are found!
    best of luck!

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    For small creek bass fishing it is hard to beat a tendertube in either mellon pepper ( #13 ) or avacodo ( #94 ). Is it bad when you know the color numbers by heart? ;) Try these either on a weedless jighead or texas rigged so you don't get hung up, 8-10 lb. line. 1/8 oz.weight. Just pitch anywhere suspicous looking. have fun.