Good Crappie fishing?

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  1. Hi, Im new to these boards. I just started fishing serious this summer and since than have gotten hooked. I even managed to get my girlfriend obsesseed with it, however up until the other day she hadnt cought anything. Where is a good location for crappie fishing that is from a shore? I prefer to crappie fish because they dont steal your bait like blue gill so it will be less frustration. thanks
  2. I would start with Alum, Hoover or Deleware, most of the coves at Alum will produce crappie with a minnie fished below a float.

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    A good place from shore is right underneath Sunbury road bridge at Hoover. Cast out under the bridge with a minnow, slip bobber, and a bobber stop set to about 15 ft or so and you should get decent numbers. The downside is you may have to get 20 or so before you get one thats decent size.
  4. I've been wanting to hit up that bridge sometime. I knokw the bridge up north at alum is great for crappie so I figured the same would hold true for hoover. Thanks
  5. Welcome to OGF. Great place and a great group of folks!! I just got turned on to Crappie myself this season. I've always been a bass fisherman, but boy is it a blast to catch Crappie when the bite is on. Good luck!!
  6. have you considered catfishing.
  7. If your referring to me, I do a little catfishing every now and again. I much prefer the action of a hot Crappie or Bass bite though!!
  8. i agree on the crappie bite. havent seen one since early june. the channel cats are easier to get this time of year.
  9. The crappie all still very catchable at Alum, you just have to compete with clouds of young of the year shad to get their attention. That and the mayfly hatch that's been hanging on.

    Wishing ............ check your PM's
  10. I try for catfish at times but I dont really have a whole lot of proper equipment. it is usually just a thought at the end of the night but never the initial intention of fishing. I've only cought one and it was actually when I was trolling for walleye. Kind of strange but what ever.
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    I fish around here for channel catfish with the same equipment I use when fishing for crappie, bass or saugeye. You might only need different equipment if targeting flatheads.

  12. Is Hoover Any Good On Fishing
    Need Help Fishing Bad For Me This Year
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    Hoover is a really good crappie fish place. You just have to find some spots, use a slip bobber, or crappie rig and get some bass minnows.
  14. Isn't Good Crappie an oxymoron????? Just wonderin'.....
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    You can always find them in deeper water this time of year if all else fails. Curly tail jigs, with or without a minnie fished slow.
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    Channel cats on shad, shrimp, bluegills, seem to be the prefered baits recently.