Good call today NIP!!

Discussion in 'Tournament Discussion' started by ParmaBass, Jun 28, 2008.

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    Good call!! Making the weigh-in 45 minutes earlier ended up being a great call! All hell broke loose around 3:15, but I was on my way home, not waiting to weigh our fish or load the boat. You picked the right kid to draw the chip too;)
  2. unlike my fishn'! :p Usually changing times puts the weigh-in right in the middle of the storm!!! (basslaw)

    Parma stayed dry and got the $50 Fin Feather Fur chip draw return!!!

    Ryan and Craig Kitson sacked'em! 19+lbs to win with a 6lb kicker big!!!

    Chambers father son team took second with over 14lbs- and the "team" tractor extreme/dobass of Bayus & Johnson were third at 13 even.

    All of 6/28 pics are online...board results are there too but missing the teams weights- stats posted tomorrow for point racers .