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Good-Bye, Uncle Ronnie

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by DavidWS10, Jun 5, 2004.

  1. DavidWS10

    DavidWS10 Bankless Boat Trash

    President 1980-1988, Ronald Reagan 1911-2004.

    God bless you, Gipper.
  2. mrfishohio

    mrfishohio Recovering Fishaholic

    Too bad, I hadn't heard other than he was failing quick this AM. He had a remarkable life.

  3. catking

    catking Banned

    Great human being. It was his time. He had a GREAT !!! life. CATKING
  4. shadowman

    shadowman Supreme Being

    the way they were talking this morning he was getting worse but someone in the family said it wasn,t that bad and next thing i hear is that he passed, after fighting his sickness for the last 10 years now at least he will no longer suffer, i salute him Ronald Reagon our 40th president may he rest in peace...... :cool:
  5. Fishman

    Fishman Catch bait???

    He lived a good long life and will definitally be remembered.
  6. Worm Drowner

    Worm Drowner Banned

    God bless you, Mr. President.
  7. I did not like many of his choices politically but admired him and his long meaningfull life changed America... May GOD BLESS Ronald Reagan and his family at this time of morning...
  8. I enjoyed him as an actor as well as respected and admired him as a Great President. The dignity, courage, strength and resolve he demonstrated sets him apart from many and places him amongst a few. Rest in peace Mr. President. You, will never be forgotten.