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good bass bait casting reels????

Discussion in 'Tackle Talk' started by peon, Mar 27, 2005.

  1. peon

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    i just got some new rods to bass fish with and i have no clue where to turn now... i need a baitcaster ... i dont know waht to go with.. i want something thats not gonna hurt my wallet but gonna be a good one to keep...
  2. Mr.Bass.

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    What is your price range? I have Shimano Curados and Pflueger Trions and Team Daiwas. They are great reels for the money. The curado cost 120$ the Trions are $100 and the team daiwas range anywhere from 150$ to 350$.

  3. peon

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    well im thinkin about 60 bucks.... yea i seen all them reels in the dicks advertisment... what about an shimano callisto reel??
  4. Flipp

    Flipp Bass Chaser

    I got some quantams form walmart for 40 bucks there are pretty good reel for the money. i have 4 of them. Then I got 3 quantam acqcurist PT's. I do have a shimano callisto its not a bad reel. Quantam PT's are about 90 bucks I use these for flippin.
  5. Personally, I don't think there are many baitcasters in the $60 price range that are worth buying (I'm not trying to crap on anyone's reels that were bought for that price...just my personal experience). The cheaper baitcasters that I've owned were all so frustrating to use that I gave up using baitcasters for several years until I finally broke down and bought a more expensive but better made reels. Now I love using baitcasters and see why they are popular.

    The only well made baitcasters that I know of in that range are round reels like Abu C3s. I think anything else you buy in that price range will be money ill spent and you'll just end up spending more down the road to get usable reels.

    Have you thought about buying a used reel? I've seen some pretty good deals on lightly used good reels on this site's classifieds and on Ebay.

    Also, you might want to check out the Tackle Talk Forum on this site. There's been lots of baitcaster talk over there.

  6. Flipp

    Flipp Bass Chaser

    I do have some Abu Garcia's and there real good reels for the price
  7. I agree Flipp. I've got Abu C3s and C4s and love them. I use mine for muskie; I 've never used them for bass fishing but I imagine they'd be fine for lots of bass baits.

  8. I use all Ambassadeurs for Bass fishing. I have been getting 5600c4Mags on E-bay from Mcfear for around $45 bucks each. They are lightly used but refurbished. You can get a new one at Walmart for $80. This reel was made for Walmart exclusively I believe. You can get the c5 mag at Gander Mountain for I believe $59 (note install the centrifical brakes in the c5)but I like the high speed retrieve of the c4 mag. The magnetic brakes make all the difference.
  9. MAKtackle

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    If your bass fish'n with it I'd stay with a low profile reel. The round reels will definately fatigue you after few hours of chuckin and windin! I would recommend spending a little extra and get a Shimano Curado, They cast the farthest for the money and will last a lifetime!
  10. Bass_Hawg

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  11. I have 3 garcias 1 curado and 2 acurist pt , I can tell you they are all good reels and as far as durability for the price you cannot go wrong with the garcias for around $60.00 or less you will be getting an all metal reel that will last a very long time. I actually just picked up a garcia 5000 series at wal-mart last week for under $40.00 no matter what you get make sure it is comfortable for you to use because you are the one who has to use it to fish with
  12. I formerly used Shimano Coriolis reels (They redesigned them, and are no longer as nice as mine were). After 5 years of hard use, as I used them for the majority of my fishing then. I just retired them and am in the process of replacing them. I am replacing them with Shimano Curado 100b's. They are a little pricey at $130, but worth every penny. I just bought my first one, and it handles my 1/8 oz. jigs and 3" grubs better than any reel I've ever used before. I will probably get another this summer. I also have a Shimano Citica 200 that I found at an X-Mart last year for about $60. It was a steal. They are essentially the Curado 200 without some of the bearings. It is a wonderful reel at $60, but a bit pricey for the $100 normal price tag when for $20 more you can get the smoother Curado. I also bought a Trion last year. It is a great reel, but I don't like it for small baits, hence it will be used for spinnerbaits and other heavy baits. It just has way too much line capacity which in my opinion is the biggest factor in casting little baits.

    If you are looking for a round reel. I would suggest a BPS Pro Qualifier. I have a friend that uses them almost exclusively. They are a very nice reel with a small spool, so you will be able to handle small baits with them. You will probably be able to find them at a discounted price through Bass Pro at certain times too.

    But, when all is said and done, get one that you are the most comfortable with. It is my experience that a quality baitcaster is seldom had for under $100 unless on sale, but I could go catch fish with an old Zebco 33 if I so chose. The reels that I use are the best that I can reasonably afford, and seem to have a good quality:price ratio (I know, it is a very subjective quantity). Good luck with what you choose.

  13. peon, you need to check out bass pros extreme baitcaster. i have two curado,s and put them aside to fish with the extreme. the last two i bought were 59.95 each. probably the smoothest reel i have ever owned. this is just my input but i love these reels.good luck on your purchase.
  14. I have two Bantan Curados and they are, hands down, the best reels I've ever owned.

    I have the high speed version and I've used them for muskie for about 8 years, throwing heavy Suicks and other jerkbaits that would normally tear up a high speed reel, but I've had no problems. Very impressive reel for about $120.

    In the $60 price range, it difficult to beat the Abu Garcia 5500 C3. A real work horse but it isn't nearly as smooth and it isn't a high speed reel. I believe the Abu Garcia 5600 C4 is the high speed version, but I was disappointed with it. I also own two Abu Garcia 6500's and that is a great trolling rod for musky, but its a bit on the heavy side for bass I would think.

    The Bantan Curado is the winner overall in my book.