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Good areas for Saugeye near lima?

Discussion in 'Northwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by mikeofborg, Feb 15, 2005.

  1. I just recently finished 11 years in the military. With the weather looking good I am wondering if anyone knows of some good Saugeye/Walleye and crappie fishing in the Lima/Allen county area? Good spots for perch would be helpful also. Thnx
  2. Lima Lake, on State Route 81 has saugeye. I have caught a lot on minnows, but only seen a few with any size to em. They should be coming of age here this year or soon thereafter.

  3. Went out there today. One small bite on crawlers. Ice to thick to cast, to soft to walk on. I can't wait for mid march.
  4. Hey Mike first off welcome to the site.this is the best place on the web to hang out.Alot of great guys and a bunch of great info.

    Lake Loramie has a good saugeye fishing below the spillway this time of year.I went last saturday and only seen 2 fish taken out ,i think if we get a few more sunny days it will pick up in a hurry.I have always picked them up on 1/8 to 1/4 oz jigs and any color of your choice.

    Grand Lake has walleye stocked in it but their not doing as well as eveyone had hoped,same thing as loramie you can pick them up below the spillway but we need the sun to sick around afew days to get the bite started.

    Crappies are decent on both lakes and if i hear anything i`ll let you know.

  5. Thnx for the welcome Bubbahunter. I look forward to finding where the bites are on now that I am back for good.
  6. You can also hit Indian Lake, below the spillway and over at Moundwood both places are supposed to be good in the spring. Good luck and thanks for serving our country.
  7. DuV


    Mike, Bresslers has a healthy population of walleye and both reservoirs in Van Wert have saugeyes. Though I have had better luck in the North one, leeches under a slip bobber near weed beds has produced well in past years. Good Luck and thanks for your service to our country. DuV :D