Golf course access

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  1. Is access to the shore next to the Miami Shores golf course allowed?
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    Ive never had any problem fishing the gmr bank up and down through there - i think the bank is all public land since the bike trail cuts through it. Ive never tried parking near the golf course, just by the railroad above the dam.

  3. As long as the golf course is open (city owned) you can park there. Along the river is miami county conservency and their motor vehicle rules apply.
  4. Thank you. I don't know if it's worth it to try on the golf course side of the river and I only know of 1 spot you can get near the river without a machete or even a backhoe but I might try it
  5. I parked at the golf course earlier this summer, i figured the worst they could do was kick me out, but i walked down to the river right by the parking lot and on the third cast hook into something real nice, he came undone almost immediately though, wanted to go back but wasnt sure about parking
  6. It's not a problem to park and fish. I fish in Troy quite a bit and my best advice is to park outside the gate. This is because when they close the golf course they close the gate and you're stuck. Park outside the gate in the grassy area underneath the tree on the right-hand side. I do it all the time and never had any problems.