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Many of you may have heard of the Golden Walleye Fishing Tournament coming to Lake Erie this summer, but it seems like a lot of anglers still have questions or might not understand the event completely. Since this is the first running of the tournament, we know you might be skeptical or want more clarification.

My name is Nate Roman, and I'm one of the tournament directors, here to answer your questions. I'll check this forum regularly over the next couple of days.

Some quick basics...

The 2017 Golden Walleye Fishing Tournament will run from June 17 - July 9 on Lake Erie, OH this summer. Prizes include a $100,000 tagged fish and over $25,000 in GUARANTEED payouts. Online registration (and more info) is available at goldenwalleye.com, and this supports the conservation efforts of the Lake Erie Protection Fund.

Looking forward to hearing from everyone!
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