Golden retriever & Beagle Free to a good home

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by johnny fish, May 17, 2008.

  1. Guys,
    This kills me to post this but our golden retriever and beagle must go, my 2 year old daughter is allergic to them and for the sake of her health we are left with no other option they are both 6 year old females, pure breds, and fixed.They have been together since they were puppies so I do not want to split them up, they are house dogs and I have taken the beagle rabbitt hunting and she does an O.K. job. I wish their was something else I could do but like I said I have no other choice. This is very hard for the whole family as the beagle was my last christmas present from Dad & Mom before I got married, and my daughter Loves them even more then my wife and I do! She doesn't understand why we are getting rid of "The Girls" If someone can give my girls a good home for the rest of their days I would be forever gratefull all I ask is that they are not split up and that they are loved by another family as much as they are by mine. they really are good dogs and would make great pets for a family. If someone can help me please send me a PM. Thanks to all that respond