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Golden Bone On The Fly!

Discussion in 'Fish on the Fly' started by Buckeyefly, Jul 15, 2008.

  1. dgfish landed this most beautiful pig today on a woolly bugger. He was using 8lb fluorocarbon tippet and a 5wt. The water was crystal clear and little flow. Fly Fisherman Magazine Sept. 08 says that "carp locate their food using their sense of smell, reported to be 100 times more sensitive than a bird dog's." If it was easy, everybody would be doing it, great job dgfish! [​IMG]
  2. Wow that's amazing..great job!!

  3. Good stuff! That had to have been a blast :)
  4. Nice catch, what size woolly bugger did you use. I have had pretty good luck with a #8 - #10 brown bugger with a bright orange bead. Great work guys!
  5. I thik it was a #8. A hand tied beauty courtesy of Buckeyefly. The reel was screaming and finally landed it after about 25 minutes with the the assistance of spikekayak on the net. What a great time, never could have imagined a carp on the fly. Wow!
  6. Nice Job and Fish!!!!

  7. Wild One

    Wild One Outdoor Enthusiast

    Awesome fish.
    So, with the comment about the carp's hightened sense of smell (along with other hightened senses they have) did you use scent on the bugger? Did you rub it in the mudd to get the people smell off? I have had a number of refusals from carp and I'm starting to think that it was because my fly smelled 'funny.' I've started to rub my flies (excluding dry flies) in the mud before fishing them to get the sunblock/aftershave/bug spray/breakfast burrito smell off them :).
  8. Wildone, no scent on that fly. As far as scent goes I don't use any. I usually flick my line in the water to get fly wet before I cast, Im too lazy to actually bend down and rub it in the mud. I truely believe it is all in presentation of your fly to the fish. They must love "Black and Mild' cigar scent bc that's what I'm usually puffing on when I'm fly fishing. Scent probably can't hurt but then are you leaning towards bait fishing, It is all about what makes you happy! I personally couldn't sleep if I put any scent on my fly. The challenge for me is tying the fly and getting the fish to take it bc of it's action, presentation and lifelikeness in the water. I always use vanilla extract on corn when bait fishing, but to put it on my fly would be a horrible injustice!
  9. I always rub my flies in the mud or drag it across a rock, here I thought I was actually being smart, but from what you guys say it might not matter. I saw a guy do this steelhead fishing a few years back and thought it was a good idea... maybe it doesn't matter. Hmmmm....
  10. Wild One

    Wild One Outdoor Enthusiast

    I've read and heard from "professional" anglers that rubbing your fly in the mud decreases refusals, but I do not have any personal experience that says one way or the other is better.

    I agree that scenting a fly is pretty much the same as chucking power bait on a fly rod. It changes the purpose of the fly from silhouette, color, size and presentation to smell/taste. Just doesn't seem to jive with fly anglin, but I do know some folks do it. I'm not passing judgement either way...just curious.