Going to rocky River tomorrow

Discussion in 'Fish on the Fly' started by Janus, Aug 23, 2008.

  1. Going to rocky tomorrow Sunday 08/24, I will be there at sunrise. If anyone wants to meet up at some point pm me.
  2. How did you fare Janus???


  3. Yeah, we want a report, & Brian, we STILL need to get together for that smallie trip! Btw, I'll have ZipCast for you soon. Jerry's waiting for his order & he'll ship to me, hopefully this week.
  4. Oh fellas I did well. Took out the 8wt because I was feeling very optimistic. Ha! plus I was throwing a sinking leader and bigger flies. Started off below the surface and had nothing, thought it would be a long day. Switched out the sinking leader and switched to straight 8lb mono and threw out a gurgler got murdered as soon as it hit the water! It continued like that fished a big (size 2) balsa popper that did really well for me. Alot of fish were coming from slack water on the side of runs, usually against the banks. Casting slightly downstream into the slack as close to the bank as possible and stripping across the riffles before the line got swept away by the current. It was a very productive technique. The fish were all around 10" more or less and ended up catching and releasing about 12. Still some put a bend in the 8wt. I wanted to grab a lighter rod from the car but was too far away from it and just stuck with what I had. I think a 5 or 6 would have been perfect...was a great day. Relaxing and beautiful, saw some herons landing which is always amazing and saw nobody out for 4hrs. Water is low but It seems the fish are more concentrated. When you see bubbles floating over darker water cast there there are more than likely some fish. Tuber let's do this!! ha! I got bought some zipcast I love it. Read that you had some luck in the salt. I got abused in Mexico, it was a lesson in humility. But I just put together a lc-13 shooting head system out of spite. Sinks at 8.5" per second! Quite possibley might be an invitation for a concussion but wanted to be prepared.
    Wild One, Tuber want to think about getting together a early season steelhead outing to make-up for last years washout?