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  1. hey im going to the rock tomoroo wanted to get any suggestions on wat to use and what you think of the water conditions thanks in advance i am not asking for hot spots i know how much bull that creates in here

  2. The levels are dropping fairly quickly and the water is clearing. Consider some smaller, subtler offerings, e.g. nymphs and smaller buggers, size 10-14. Keep in mind, there are certainly fish to be caught, but things have been quite slow this week.

  3. I'd imagine the water is going to be pretty clear, and the USGS Water Data chart shows that the river has dropped back down to low levels and slow current http://waterdata.usgs.gov/nwis/uv?04201500. Beadhead made great fly suggestions there. If fishing bait apply the same idea of going smaller as in smaller hooks for egg sacks (preferably black finish...no glare so as to not spook fish) and lighter fluorocarbon leader line. Look for deep water or areas that have submerged structure with current running through or along side. Good luck.

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    The rock looked great today, very clear, forgot that the bait shop on detroit ave was closed, so no maggots, or waxies = no fish, that'll teach me. Didn't see any steelies caught, saw a few rises on top, just enough to let you know they're there.
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    Fished for a while today, 1 for 3.
    Not too many people out which was a surprise. The river was a bit too low, its hard to believe how fast it drops.
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    try some black buggers small black stone flies and white buggers. also try some clouser shiner patterns. have fun! thats what I was reccomended
  7. went saw no one catchin ne thing but had fun actually there was a guy in the spot i always start at and he was very nice tslked a little with him said he didnt see ne one catching ne thing either i went early sat then got sick so i didnt get to go back out ne 1 else have better luck
  8. Ha! I clicked the Cleveland Metroparks link, and there's my mug staring back at me. That fish came on 24 October, a very slow day with almost no flow, and considerably east of the Rocky. It was a patient business that day.