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Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by mainsttat2s, May 28, 2008.

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  1. so yesterday i tattooed on a guy who has m.s. and using pot to help him with several of the side effects of the meds he is on. just looking for some thoughts on the evil weed or the wonder drug.
  2. If it helps him and its prescribed then there shouldnt be any problem with it...Its no different than any other prescription "drug"

  3. seethe303

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    I have a strong opinion on this issue, however I will keep it to myself since I am sure it will violate some aspect of the TOS.

    also: in before close.
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    I read in a nationwide study that 85% of the US over the age of 18 is on some sort of prescription drug of sorts. Pharmasutical company are some of the richest in the world because everyone is taking something for one reason or another, when IMO they really don't need it. You go to the doctor for something that is wrong with you your walking out of there with a script for something which I feel is not right. However, IMO weed is a natural "drug" if you can even consider it that as most folks do but I feel if it will help someome with M.S than by all means smoke up.
  5. A can of worms or a bag or roaches???

    Wonder drug. The "weed" can be used for clothing materials and is being used more often for medical uses. I believe that most of us will see a day where it is legal. It's a tax revenue that the US government is currently missing.

    The next president(s) will be raised in a generation where the "weed" was openly used and not a demon as percieved in generations past.
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    the only problem i have is...if it helps you thats great...but i know a guy with the same situation he has MS and uses it for that, but where i have a problem is that he brags about it and rubs it in to others that he has it and can smoke it legally, and how he got high the other night etc. in my mind he abuses it...i mean i dont hear my dad bragging about his heart pills or his insulin shots...lol...but on another note iv never smoked nor do i care to but i would not have a problem making it legal, let it be a money maker instead of a spender i see it no different than alcohol
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    if only we could outlaw jerks, eh?
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    the closing of this thread is no reflection on the comments of any of the respondants.it is merely due to the fact that this forum is really not dedicated to a discussion on the good or evil of weed.the discussion serves absolutely no purpose,and i'm sure there are plenty of other websites dedicated to the subject.in fact,i know there are;)
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