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going to london ?

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by deerhunter, Feb 12, 2005.

  1. im going to the uk in april and have never ben there what do i need and where to go if you have ever ben give me somr tip on travel and sit seeing and things to and what i need to bring with me?
  2. flathunter

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    I work right outside of London, London is your typical Ohio town.

  3. What a great city! You will have a blast. If you plan on doing any fishing- you need to get a tourist fishing license at the postal office. It wasn't too much. most of the waterways are "private" as well as quite a few lakes and ponds. They are managed by fishing clubs. Do what I did- look in the phone directory and call one! they are totally pumped to have a visitor. Barbed hooks are illegal in England. For the other stuff- Make sure you take a lightweight quality rain jacket. Things to see? Don't miss the river walk along the Thames. Go to the London Aquarium- really cool multi floor. As long as you are going, don't miss the Imperial War Museum. National Portrait Gallery and the Tate. Odd things I notice- Don't ask to use a restroom or a bathroom. People will ask if you are tired or need a bath. Ask for a loo or a toilet. Forget about finding ice tea in a restaurant. No one drinks it, much less heard of it. Expect a lemon wedge in your Pepsi. No trip to London is complete without experiencing the FEB- Full English Breakfast. A fried potato, baked beans, eggs, etc. Don't expect to find too many great steaks. Beef in the UK is another story. Lots of good lamb, and chicken. Let me know where you will be staying. I have a few good friends in London that are Americans. They are architects and would love to give you some ideas or take you out for a pint. Warm beer, of course. Oh- don't forget! If you go into a pub or out for dinner and order a Michelob, or Miller - you will pay through the nose. Those are "Import" beers there and are more expensive. The Budweiser is made in Czech, and is tasty. Go for the Carlsberg or New Castle. Better yet- pick up a 6 of New Castle here and try it out.
  4. They don't use wash rags.
    They don't have sheets on the beds.
    Don't rent a car unless you can do the left side of road at 70+.
    We walked everywhere, so if you plan on walking get in shape.
    Be sure to get fish & chips wrapped in a newspaper in a bar with warm half bitters beer.
    Not sure if they do Kidney Pie since the mad cow thing ?
    Lots of things to see, get a brochure and make a plan before going.
  5. for now we are going for 2 weeks in april we have frends in north england we well spend 3 days in london then go north and we are going into scotland to so i need as much info as i can get. do i need to get a power converter? and what can i bring and not bring
    thanks for your help deerhunter
  6. Never got to go fishing. Every time I've been to Europe it's on business. Only once did I have a morning to kill, and the Museum of London was within walking distance. I'd recommend it for anyone - five floors of the history of Britain (about 3 millenia worth), on the actual site of an accidental archeological dig (digging for a parking garage or some other structure, if I remember correctly) where they found the original Roman wall, along with the remains of the city of Londinium after the great fire destroyed it. There are artifacts, armor, weapons, money, art, everything up until modern times. Admission was only abut 5 pounds, for all day, and the ticket was good for a return for up to a year. I couold have spent an entire week in the place. Most excellent.

    You can get on the subway and go anywhere for a few bucks a day.

    Have a great trip.
  7. I spent a long weekend in London a couple of weeks ago. I didn't have time to fish, but had a lot of fun seeing some sights and drinkiing the pubs. Here's a list of stuff that's worth doing and seeing.

    Imperial War Museum

    The Cabinet War Rooms

    Take the boat trip from the Tower of London to Westminster. It's a bit overpriced, but it gives one a view of the city that one cannot otherwise get.

    If you check out the Tower of London, try to get tickets in advance. The lines are often long and don't move quickly.

    A long walk along the river.

    Sample some of the hand-drawn ales.

    Take the tube (but watch your footing! The gap between the trains and platform is a killer).

    Take an hour or two to walk through some of the backstreets and neighborhoods.

    Try to find restaurants and pubs that are off the main ("high") streets. The food is cheaper and usually better. Paying $60 for mediocre Chinese food was my only regret of the trip!

    We stayed at the Comfort Inn, Bayswater. It's not a deluxe hotel, but it's relatively inexpensive (I think we paid less than $100 a night), the staff is friendly, and has a 24-hour bar as well as a restaurant in the basement. Oh, and it's close to at least three tube stations. A very friendly pub (The Prince Edward) is just down the street.

    You'll need to buy converters for the electrical outlets, which you can pick up at any travel store.

    ATMs are plentiful, and most pubs and restaurants take credit cards, which should give you a good exchange rate.

    Taxi service is excellent, but expensive.

    Any questions, let me know.

    Have a good trip
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    And pubs close at 8
  9. I just spent several weeks in the UK
    3 wks july
    10 weeks in sept.
    3 weeks in jan.

    I spent my time in Colyton which is sw UK near the sea , Seaton ,
    Lyme Regis,Beer all harbor or old fishing villages.
    Its hard to imagine that their history goes back 1000's of years and our just a few 100

    First off take Plenty of money exchage rate is about 2.09 pounds to 1.00 us
    The people I've delt with was great. But I've spent the time in a smaller village
    If your into cars, racing, motor cycles theres a lot of great history and the racing season should be starting.
    Stone Henge is pretty interesting to see

    Pubs are the place to eat the bitters and ales are great. They are served at cellar tempeture. They are darker color. Tip if the ale is cloudy dont drink it ask for another it should be clear
    Try the Tangle Foot its pretty tasty but its all said in the name
    My other favorite was the Badger pretty tasty. NO HANG OVERS!!!!
    The pub I visited opened from 11:30 till 3:00 for lunch then reopened at 6:00 untill 11:00 for dinner
    I had some of the best steaks that I've ever eaten in the UK. If you're a meat and potato person you will feel right at home
    Enyoy its a good time
  10. crappielooker

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    my sister lives in the northern part of england.. in a city call leeds in west yorkshire.. she said along the way from london up to her area are veery picturesque..
    drink plenty of beers for me while you're there.. :D
    and last but not least...... have a good and safe trip mate... :D
  11. When I was in London in January, most pubs closed at 11pm. My understanding is that many will now have the option to stay open 24 hrs. There was quite a stink about this in parliament, and I'm not sure how many will actually do so. If you like to drink until the wee hours, as I do, it's best to find a late night bar.

  12. Lewzer

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    Ever been to the Quiet Woman Pub in Leeds? She's quiet now that she no longer has her head. She talked about something she shouldn't have.

    I really liked walking the graveyard near the church in the middle of the night in the full moon.
    I had "What a Marvelous Night For a Moondance" song going through my head the whole time.
  13. crappielooker

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    lewzer.. i have never been there myself.. i would like to tho.. :)
  14. One thing I am glad I did before I went to Ireland last year was call my credit card company and let them know the dates I was going to be in Ireland. That way the card will not be declined if the issuer has an automatic decline for suspected theft.

    I say I am glad I did because I ended having to buy dinner for an American couple whose card was declined the first night they were in Dublin.

    Oh, pudding in Ireland is not what you may expect and I would guess it is the same thing in the UK.
  15. Just got back from the UK and Germany two weeks ago, spent two weeks there on business.

    The beer is excellent!!!! Try "Stella", very tasty. If you like dark beer, "Smooth" is another one. Wheat beers are very tasty too!!!

    Make sure you take plenty of converted cash. A lot of your pubs and resturants don't take credit cards or american cash.

    Pick up electrical converters before you go.

    When going to the airport, wear comfortable shoes that slip off and on easily.

    On the airplane ask for an immigration card prior to landing in the UK. Fill it out on the plane, saves the hassle of trying to fill it out in line at customs

    Give yourself some extra time when going to the airport, if you are flying out of gatwick, hit the duty free before you come home. Buy the wife some "Cadbury" chocolate, excellent. The other chocolate are sticks that come in a yellow can with purple writing, I think its called "Flake". VERY GOOD!!!

    Channel 23 is a hoot after 10pm! Atleast it was where we were staying!

    Besafe and have fun! Go there and have fun, you will see things that you will never see in the states.
  16. First, as far as travel plans go, I would suggest flying over driving for sure. Never been to Europe but I hear those people smell so you might want to take some extra fragrance with you that you wouldn't normally pack. Seriously. If you get stuck by one on your flight, you'll regret it. And I guess most of the women don't care to shave either so be careful taking in too many sites. And when trying to converse with the locals, just say "goodaye mate!" I hear thats about the only English they understand unless of course you know how to speak European.