going to get cold this weekend so .......

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  1. clean those chimmey's and change that furnace filter before the 1st use of the season
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    bring on the cold weather.

    hoodie weather/good fishing weater FTFW

  3. bring it...time for good deer hunting
  4. Cleaned the chimney yesterday most of the wood is stacked 2 more cords to split and im winter ready I hope.
  5. Is chimney sweeping a DIY job...or something best left to the pro's? Our chimney is 11 yrs old and never been cleaned. Guess I always figured if you burn hot fires (seasoned wood) you shouldn't have an issue with creosote build up.

  6. Just my opinion, but 11 yrs. is a dangerously long time to let the chimney go-clean, dry, wood or no. It all gives off creosote and forms soot which accumulates in the stack and will ignite when you least expect it to. I've always tried to use good firewood but sometimes have had to clean my 6' SS pipe(2 1/2 stories) monthly during a really cold winter. (This is especially bad if your stack is more than one story high as more crap condenses in the stack as it cools through a long run.) You can do it with stuff available at local hdwes. or big supply stores like Lowes. DO NOT use a bag of rocks on a rope! You can easily damage your liner which will effectly render your chimney unusable and very hard/expensive to repair. Or you can call a professional sweeper.
  7. I agree. I would not only have it cleaned, but inspected also. Just cheap insurance, as I would hate to see someone lose their home.
  8. After six yrs do not go out and buy the chemicals or the log that makes the creasote falloff the walls i did it 2 yrs ago for my 1st cleaning of the yr because health and weather kept me off the roof scared me to death. The suit fell and gathered then cought fire i should of called the fire dept had the dogs cat and daughter outside while i watched with the phone and fire extingishers from the front door.
    To sweep your chimhey is really pretty simple, I have a lil wooden ladder that i can prop against the chimney from the back side slide off the cap to the wood burners stack insert the brush and first section of rod work it down and screw on the next section working it down till i have all the sections screwed on and the chimney swept takes all of 20 minutes.
    If you have a hole in your liner you will have a hot spot on a wall I wont tell you how i know this but holy crud am I ever glad i didnt burn down the house and kill the family. I dropped a new stainless&tungsten 1 section 32 feet down the old brick chimney that is more then a 20 minute job and involved 2 good neighbors a brother and a wife. My wood burner burns from mid December till mid march constantly except for in Feb when i clean the chimney again or end of Jan weather permitting