going to deer creek for saugeye

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  1. What rod should I bring and what line test. Med heavy or ultra light rod?

    Thanks moose
  2. I'd say neither---you want a medium or medium light action rod. If you are casting you want to be able to fling light jigs out there. I use 6lb test personally.

  3. I agree w/NLC25 a fast action tip would help too. I use 1/8 or 1/16 oz jigs on a tandem rig so you can use 2 different color jigs. Try chartruse, pink,white or orange. Depends on the day. Be sure to keep it on them bottom and fish slow. Good luck and let us know how you do:B
  4. I only have a med- heavy and ultra. So witch one of the two would better.
  5. I'd rig a slip sinker / minnow combo on the med/ heavy for cats/ saugeye on the bottom. You can cast jigs on the U/L. Most fish run @ 8-12 inches some bigger ones are in there so you may want to adjust your drag on the U/L.
    Good luck amigo:):B
  6. I use a 6' light action with 6lb test and usually 1/16 and 1/32oz jig heads. The last few times I've been over there was hardly any water coming out so pretty much no current so I was using 2 1/32oz jigs. Go with the lightest and smallest that you can still hit bottom with.
  7. Friday
    most likely

  8. I was thinking about going out there tomorrow or Saterday. I havent decided yet. I'm going to CJ one day and Deer Creek the other, just havent decided my order yet. LOL

    Are you guys just tipping the jig with minows, or are you running twister tails?? If twister tails, how big?
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  9. Im heading there sat morning. I use 2" twister tails no minnow. Chartreus or Hot pink
  10. The ultra light would be better for throwing jigs than the medium heavy. I personally use a Medium rod with a fast action tip with 8 lb fireline. Throw 1/8 oz jigs chartuese, pink, or neon orange.

    You can throw your Med heavy out to catch cats like london calling said.