Going to Brookville Lake Labor Day. Any Tips?

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  1. My girlfriend and I are going to Brookville Lake in Indiana for Labor day. I am looking for any fishing tips. What do they have in there? I will be shore fishing but I am also interested in renting a boat if there is a place that does that on the lake. What lake around here would you compare it to? I know a lot of you guys bass fish in there. Thanks
  2. Hey Cat, a couple of weeks ago I fished the Whitewater River, which Brookville dumps into, there is some good smallie fishing in that river, there is also a canoe livery, Whitewater canoe rental, not bad. Talking to some of the locals when I was there, they said that you can spot trout from the dam down, the water is crystal clear and cold in that stream. Would try some flyfishing if you have the gear. There is a marina that rents party boats, I can't think of the name but if you google Brookville Lake I am sure that you will find the marina. Don't know much about the lake fishing but I hear that it is deep. There's my two cents! Good luck!

  3. Good lake. Will most likely be alot of pleasure boaters on the lake for Labor Day if you are going to rent a boat. Water gets pretty beat up.

    Your best bet this time of year is to target the bass in mornings and nights. I've had best luck w/ Spinnerbaits (white) and wacky style Senkos. Don't forget top waters like frogs and buzzbaits at dawn & dusk. Not to point out the obvious either, but don't forget an indiana license!

    Good luck.
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    That's the roughest water within 50 miles of me on weekends and can literally be impossible to fish at times. The north end is mostly n-wake but is shallow and somewhat unaccessible from the bank. As mentioned above, go north to Whitewater- much nicer for bank fishing. Brookville can be very goods on Tuesday after a weekend as the fish calm and the lake is pretty "un-busy" then. Trolling for walleyes and stripers can be good if you are properly equipped. The rip-rap by the causeways is a great place to start if you are boat fishing as the rocks hold bait and that draws fish.

    The water between the two lakes is good from a canoe or small boat and doesn't get rough like the main. White bass and cats hang there and can be fun in the morning and at dusk. Whitewater was actually the first place I EVER caught a bass on a rubber worm.

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    UFM82, I think Streamhawk was talking about the Whitewater River, not Whitewater State Park. You can't canoe from the park lake to Brookville lake, it is just a small tributary stream less than a mile long from the dam to the lake. I may have misunderstod you there. Last time I was there the outflow from the park lake was a trickle, and didn't look like it was ever much higher than that and fishable.

    The East fork of the Whitewater is what fills Brookville reservoir, and the tailwaters below the dam are stocked yearly with rainbows and browns. I have never caught any from there, but good sized fish do exist, as I have seen them from the bank and watched others catch them. The DNR stocks the strecth in the spring. This water flows for about a mile through mostly private property until it meets with the West fork, which is most likely where Streamhawk was fishing.

    UFM82 is right about the reservoir though, Labor Day boaters make it a madhouse.
  6. Yes you are right Montac, I was fishing below Brookville on the Whitewater River, where it dumps into. I have done very well in that strech of water with the smallies. Laborday weekend will be nuts I am sure also, and will not be on the water.

    I am talking about the Whitewater River , Not Whitewater River state park.
  7. Crazy on holiday weekends!! big waves -- lots of boats around the ramp rafted up and just enjoying the day...bring binocs! ;)

    As for fishing, there are some good spots on the way to the beach that are bank friendly. If you want to rent a boat, go to Whitewater state park and look into a rental there. Take a trolling motor and battery if you can. It is electric only. Minnows = crappie and you can get good minnows at the marina across from the entrance of the Mounds...at Parkside Marina - the guy that owns it fishes the MWC Walley tour...ask them for fishing advice, they are great help! Good Luck and have fun.
  8. On weekends, I would recommend getting to your fishing spot by dawn. The pleasure boaters don't start zooming up and down that early, so you can enjoy a few good hours of fishing. You can check with Kent's Harbor, they may rent pontoons for Brookville.

    Its a beautiful lake. I've caught LM, SM, walleye, crappie and white bass in the same morning there. Good luck!
  9. Thanks everybody for the information. Keep it coming.