Going to Alum on Sunday

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  1. Heading over to Alum Sunday morning 2/1, should be on the ice by 8am. Going to start in the New Galena cove and go from there. Anybody interested, stop on by. I will have a Green eskimo shanty up with an OGF flag on the back. I should be there most of the day, going to be pretty nice out at 37 degrees.
  2. Bassnpro1

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    I might be able to get out on Sunday. I'll see what happens and meet up if I do get out. We were there on Wednesday and caught a few tiny crappie and a small perch.

  3. Perchy101

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    Was at the cove today and its down alot just an FYI. Will be fishing it tomorrow we had Auger problems while there today.
  4. Did pretty well yesterday but it was some of the hardest fishing I have done. The bite was extremly light, if you were not paying attention you would miss it. Ended up keeping 10 gills 7-9 inch and 10 crappie 10-13 inches. Lost way too many fish to count. I will be back on Sunday, weather provided to try again. Great day to be on the ice.